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Last Minute Seasonal Staffing

December 27, 2016 | Staffing Blog

We’re well into the swing of the holiday season, and you may have thought your seasonal staffing was complete. It’s common for sales and foot traffic to be even higher than expected during the holiday season, particularly in a strong year for retail. Needing more help than expected over the holidays is a good problem, but it can also be challenging to hire good people quickly. Here’s why going with a staffing agency is your best bet when you need rapid seasonal hiring:

  • A pool of qualified and vetted candidates. We pre-screen candidates in advance so that they’re ready to go quickly, even the next day, when they’re needed. We’ve already ensured that potential seasonal employees are qualified for the type of employment your company needs. You won’t need to waste precious time screening and interviewing employees.
  • Experience. With over 25 years of experience, we have more experience finding the best staff than most hiring managers. We use a variety of screening techniques to ensure the employees we send you are well suited to temporary employment and your workplace.
  • Ensure your staff prefers seasonal employment. Outside seasonal hires don’t always understand they’re being hired for temporary, seasonal work, even when the hiring manager explains it to them, and hope to stay on long-term. Our candidates are specifically interested in temporary work, and we work with them as well as you to bring them assignments that fulfill their needs.
  • Get your needs assessed. We’ll quickly do a needs assessment to determine how many additional hires you need, so you don’t end up under or overstaffed again during the holidays. Additionally, we’ll help you prepare for next year’s numbers.

Instead of worrying about needing to hire quickly, contact us and let us do the hard work of rapidly finding you quality seasonal staff.