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Keep Your Seasonal Staffing Hires Happy Over the Holidays

January 2, 2017 | Staffing Blog

During the holiday season, many businesses rely on seasonal staffing to meet increased production volume. Although most bosses and CEOs would love to give their regular and seasonal staff time off to spend with their loved ones over the holidays, the reality is that many industries need all – and extra – hands on deck at this time of year.

Seasonal employees often end up working the bulk of holiday hours, since they work the hours companies need to fill. Working over the holidays is tough for anyone but can be particularly difficult as a seasonal worker. Here are three ways to keep your seasonal hires happy on holidays and motivate them to return next season:

  • Integrate them fully into the team. Seasonal hires don’t know the other staff as well as regular hires, so being at work on a holiday can feel even more lonely. From day one, take the effort to be welcoming to seasonal employees and make them feel like as integral to the workplace as regular employees. Invite them to any holiday gatherings or secret Santa exchanges that take place among employees.
  • Pay them fairly. Remember, non-exempt seasonal hires usually need to be paid extra for working on certain holidays, such as Christmas and New Years Day, and are entitled to overtime wages if they work more than 40 hours a week. You’ll also want to include them in any holiday bonuses given to all regular staff. Employees who are compensated fairly and according to the law are happier employees.
  • Make the workplace festive. Whether your employees work outdoors or in an office, there are ways to add holiday cheer to the workplace. Play holiday music and create decorations that make employees feel as if they’re at home. On the holiday itself, feed staff lunch. Pizza delivery and eggnog goes a long way towards making seasonal employees happier on working holidays.

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