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Maintaining Company Vehicles For Winter Workplace Safety

January 26, 2016 | Staffing Blog

Workplace safety is a year-round concern, but come wintertime many worker activities become even more hazardous. This is especially true if your employees drive company vehicles. Many vehicle problems that would only be minor annoyances during other times can quickly become dangerous during the winter.

In order to protect your employees, make sure you cover these workplace vehicle safety necessities:

Tire Tread Check: Bald tires are one of the biggest causes of accidents when driving in winter conditions. Inspect your vehicle fleet and make sure all tires have a safe level of tread. Consider investing in tires specifically for driving in winter conditions. Tires are a lot more affordable than totaled vehicles and injured workers.

Fluid Check: Make sure all your company vehicles have their fluids topped off, especially antifreeze. Engines have a harder time running properly in cold temperatures and making sure all the engine fluids are at proper levels will help your vehicles run more reliably in these conditions.

Visibility Check: Inspect all mirrors and lights on your vehicles. Winter weather conditions often reduce visibility on the road, so small issues with these things can cause big problems when your employees’ are trying to drive through snow or other adverse conditions.

Always have a competent mechanic preform these checks for your vehicles. Your employees’ health and safety may well rely on them being preformed properly. If in any doubt about the safety of a vehicle, remove it from company service until it is repaired.

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