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Seasonal Staffing Best Practices to Get Through the Peak Seasons

February 1, 2016 | Staffing Blog

The peak season for many businesses can include the summer, holidays, or special events for sports, etc. Making sure you have enough staff on hand to make it through the peak season is challenging. The following are some seasonal staffing best practices to follow when hiring seasonal labor.

Plan to Hire Early

It is never too early to begin planning for your peak season. You want to ensure that you have enough time to recruit and hire new staff. By planning early, you have time to conduct proper interviews and choose the best talent.

Use a Professional Staffing Service

Turning to family, friends, or even past employees as a resource for hiring seasonal staff can turn up good leads. However, using a professional staffing service can deliver quality candidates who are properly screened for your industry. A professional staffing service can deliver candidates who are reliable and efficient.

Conduct Proper Training

Many businesses do not take the time to properly train their seasonal staffing employees. They often let their seasonal employees learn on the job. However, placing untrained staff into new positions can cause several problems. It will take more time for them to learn their duties, resulting in low productivity. Customers expect your seasonal employees to work just as efficiently as your full-time staff. Unhappy customers and disgruntled workers can negatively impact your business.

Reduce Your Turnover Rate

If your turnover rate is high for seasonal employees, consider increasing retention with incentive plans. Incentives can include discounts on company services or products, bonuses, or possibility for a full-time position. Retaining your seasonal employees can help lower your overall labor costs.

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