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4 Manufacturing Job Descriptions That Are NOT Boring

March 18, 2019 | Career Blog

It’s completely normal to get bored with your job at some point. But when searching for a new position, you’re probably seeking something that doesn’t look like it’s going to start off as a total snooze fest. Though a job in the manufacturing industry may not at first glance sound like the type of career that will be “knock your socks off” exciting, with a little more research, you will find that there are a lot of unique and interesting positions to be found.

Check Out These Non-Boring Manufacturing Jobs

When you are evaluating something important like your job, it’s important to weigh the perks. Here are a list of jobs in the manufacturing industry are far from boring. And many of them allow you to grow in your skills for future job opportunities.

1. Metal and Plastic Machine Workers
Median pay: $35,400 per year
Work experience required: none
Job requirements:

  • Following blueprints to build machinery.
  • Ensure that machinery is functioning properly by checking for any malfunctions, unexpected sounds or vibrations.
  • Testing the finished product to ensure it is ready for customer use.

If you were into legos as a kid, you may find that you really enjoy working in metal and plastic manufacturing. These roles require you to follow blueprints in order to construct the machinery and equipment.

2. Welders, Cutters, Solderers, and Brazers
Median pay: 40,240 per year
Work experience required: none
Job requirements:

  • Analyzing blueprints and sketches.
  • Determining the dimensions of the parts that will be welded.
  • Igniting any torches or power supplies being used.
  • Assessing and maintaining the integrity of equipment.

Professionals in this branch of manufacturing have a little room for creativity. The job requires analysis of blueprints and designs to determine the requirements for parts.

3. Tool and Die Maker
Median pay: $44,110 per year
Work experience required: none
Job requirements:

  • Looking over new blueprints and sketches for making tools and dies.
  • Setting up, operating, and disassembling tools.
  • Filing and grind tools so they fit together nicely.
  • Testing tools to ensure that they operate well and meet specifications.

This is another role that requires a little more variety and skill. Professionals work off sketches to build the tools and dies.

4. Machinist
Median pay: $44,110 per year
Work experience required: none
Job requirements:

  • Looking over new blueprints, sketches, and computer-aided designs.
  • Measuring and examining the products for any possible defects.
  • Shaping and grinding machinery to meet specifications.
  • Showing the final product to customers and making adjustments that are asked for.

Machinists work on many different types of products that vary by customer need. Some even require work on computers and other technical design tools. Machinists get to see the design process from beginning to end.

In Conclusion

Many manufacturing jobs appeal to individuals because of their unique intrinsic talents. A large collection of these jobs far from boring and even require a great deal of creativity. To find the position that fits best with your skill set, reach out to our staffing team today. We specialize in matching individuals with positions that suit them. Let us find the job that makes the most sense for you.