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3 Reasons Why You Should Let Someone Else Screen Employees

March 11, 2019 | Staffing Blog

There is a good reason why most businesses outsource their employee screening process. The process is complex and each U.S. state has its own set of laws and regulations. If the person you have running the background checks is not completely aware of all the necessary steps, your company could be wasting a lot of time and money without even realizing it. If you are not outsourcing your employee screening process now, you are not doing yourself any favors. Keep reading for three reasons why letting the experts handle it is more beneficial.

Turn To The Experts

When an employer outsources their screening process, they will have to hire an experienced third-party who usually is connected with judicial organizations or major employers. The idea of hiring someone to do something that you can do yourself often gives the illusion that you will have to spend more money, but in this case, you will be saving. On top of that, the job will be done more efficiently. This is because using a third-party background check company:

1. Saves You Time

In business, time is money. There are multiple ways that screening individuals yourself can waste your time:

  • A lot of irrelevant information can come up that does not affect the employee’s dependability.
  • The information you find is not always presented in a simple and easy to read format.
  • Getting records from courthouses and police stations can be expensive and tedious.
  • Acquiring awareness about corporate hiring laws is not easy, and most people who don’t hire third parties to screen for them end up having to hire a lawyer instead.

Reaching out to the experts ensures quicker results and the opportunity for your staff to spend that time on tasks that they will be more affective doing.

2. Provides Privacy Assurance

Even if your potential employees have nothing to hide, many still tend to feel slightly uncomfortable knowing that you are looking into their past and possibly judging them about it. It is simply more common place for third parties to perform this task, and people expect them to be more professional when handling sensitive information. This is not to say that you or your hiring staff is not to be trusted, it simply saves you the risk of any oversight in this area that could potentially give a great candidate the wrong idea.

3. Ensures Accessibility

Screening companies are well educated on all of the protocols and connections required in order to collect the data needed to learn the essentials of a person’s past. They know what details are important, those that aren’t, and the ones that inexperienced people tend to overlook. They also know how to acquire information from other states, which usually entails different protocols than your own. At the end of the day, resources that are not readily available to you are accessible to screening companies, and this makes getting information much easier for them.

In Conclusion

Keep your company protected and your potential employee’s privacy important by outsourcing your screening process. This will ensure that you are getting the information that truly matters while avoiding any discrepancies that often come from inexperience. Staffing companies will not only find you employees that fit well with your company, they will do all of the screening for you, so all you have to worry about it seeing if they will work well with your team. For more information on outsourcing your screening process and what a staffing company can do for you, reach out to our customer service team here.