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5 Ways for Measuring Employee Productivity

October 14, 2019 | Staffing Blog

Being in charge of a team of employees takes a certain level of awareness. If you aren’t continuously measuring employee productivity, your staff will be sure to notice, and work ethic will inevitably become lax.

Employees that are not putting their best foot forward can result in a lack in sales, increased accidents, unhappy customers, and altogether more issues for you to solve.

Now, this does not mean that you need to be strict and demanding with your employees, that can actually have an even worse effect. There are ways to be encouraging and see results without coming down hard on your team.

After all, a happy team will make a nice environment for everyone, including yourself!

Methods for Measuring Employee Productivity

Here are some methods to commit to memory and keep in your toolbox when it comes to making sure your team is staying on task.

1. Keep Track of Completed Tasks.

Many managers focus on making sure their staff is staying busy with tasks, but it is also important to keep track of how many of these tasks are actually completed in a day. Just because an employee is doing something with their hands, doesn’t necessarily mean they are being productive.

2. Provide Them with Adequate Guidance.

Yes, your employees should be self-sufficient and know what’s expected of them. Still, they are never going to get where you want them if you don’t show them the way first. In addition to that, it makes a great impact on their work ethic if they can see how committed you are as well. This gives them an example to follow, and shows them you’re working as hard as you want them to (if not harder).

3. Treat Everyone Fairly.

Not to say that you’re prone to picking favorites, but it can be easy to put more focus on those that appear to need more help and, as a result, let others stray. It’s important that you keep your eye on each an every person’s productivity. Even if a couple of your employee’s started off strong and independent in the beginning, they can quickly pick up on the fact that they aren’t being monitored as much and start to take advantage of that. It will also help those that require a little more guidance to not feel like they are being singled out.

4. Ask for Feedback from Your Team.

No one knows a job or environment better than those who are working within it. Make sure your employees know they can talk to you by presenting them with the opportunities to do so. Schedule one-on-ones with them so they know you’re ready to listen and they can feel comfortable speaking their mind. In addition to that, call full staff meetings to encourage team building and further growth. If you embrace feedback from them and implement changes as a result, you will be providing them with the tools to continue to succeed.

5. Pay Attention To Feedback from Clients.

No doubt you have heard the phrase ‘the customer is always right’. This stems from the awareness that, if the customer isn’t happy, the business will suffer. Keep your eyes and ears open for trends in feedback that you are getting from your clientele and allow that to inform the way you coach your team.

Need Help Finding Dependable Employees?

You are responsible for ensuring that your employees are staying productive, and that also means knowing when they aren’t. If you are finding that your current team isn’t meeting goals adequately, it may be time to bring in some more staff. Depending on your need, staffing firms can provide you with new permanent employees, or temporary ones to help you get through a peak in production. For more information on how a staffing firm can help you and your employees stay on top of productivity, reach out to our team at Allegiance Staffing here.