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Your New Year’s Resolution: Find a Reliable Staffing Agency

January 6, 2014 | Staffing Blog


As we kick off the New Year and you begin to assess your temporary staffing solutions, you may find you didn’t get your money’s worth in 2013. If you’re taking the time to ask questions and really look at the success of your temporary staffing program, you may find it was more costly and yet your productivity was down, accidents were up and turnover among temporary staffers was out of control.

Don’t start 2014 making the same mistakes. Your New Year’s resolution should be to find a temporary staffing agency that helps rather than hinders your business. You want to approach the hiring of your staffing firm in the same way you make decisions about other business investments – with a critical eye. See our previous post Purchase Staffing Solutions Like you Purchase Capital Equipment – with a Plan for more information. That means asking your existing staff agency or a potential new one these five questions: 

  1. Does the company have a standardized hiring process that involves interviews and reference checks? If a staffing agency is sending you workers with little to no vetting process, look elsewhere.
  2. Does the company run background checks and is it familiar with new EEOC standards regarding background checks and employment? 
  3. What is your E-Verify process? Employers must use the E-Verify program to verify potential employees are eligible to work in the United States; don’t just assume your staffing agency will do this. 
  4. What is the company’s safety record? Are there standards or training programs to minimize accidents and injuries? 
  5. How satisfied are your other clients? Ask for references and check industry rankings to gauge the success of the staffing firm.

If a staffing agency can’t provide you with answers to these questions or seems vague in its responses that should be a red flag the company is cutting corners. 

A recent article from also offers some great tips for companies considering working with a staffing agency. One of the top five tips is to work with a reputable firm that understands the Fair Labor Standards Act and other nuances of hiring temporary employees. 

Don’t make the same staffing mistakes in the New Year. Resolve to work with a reliable and professional staffing agency that brings results, not headaches.