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Accountability: Our 2019 Operations Conference Summit in Chicago

April 24, 2019 | News Blog

In late March, Allegiance Staffing hosted our annual Operations Conference Summit in Chicago. The gathering at The Godfrey Hotel brought together representatives from each Allegiance Staffing branch location, operations personnel, our valued partner companies, and job placement staff.

Our Director of Operations, Danny Minor, set the tone for the 2019 Operations Conference with the theme of accountability. The theme was strategically selected because it covers each aspect of our service-oriented staffing agency:

  • Accountability to our company
  • Accountability to our employees and future employees
  • Accountability to our valued clients and the staffing industry
  • Accountability for self-performance and leadership

Six Points of Accountability to Drive Our Staffing Agency

During the Operations Conference, we viewed accountability from six different perspectives to sharpen our collective service to ourselves, client employers, talent, and our partners.

1. Financial Responsibility to our branches to protect margins and company profits (message delivered by Allegiance Staffing Controller Andrea Lussier).

– The message was important to connect with more than 45 Allegiance Staffing operation personnel at the conference. Included were area managers, branch managers, senior recruiters, managing partners, and co-founders representing all of our nationwide branches.

2. Management of Analytics & Better Branding with our partners at Indeed.

– We were pleased to welcome Anthony Testi and Eric Bernston from Indeed to contribute to our discussions on using data to hold ourselves accountable for reaching performance standards.

3. New software introduction of Avionte to the Operations team. This tool will help create even better results for our clients and provide better tools to our recruiters to fulfill their obligation to our clients.

– New technology from Avionte is making a strong move in the staffing industry. For our agency, their technology will allow us to be even more adaptable to the needs of our clients and new talent.

The Avionte team was represented by Caroline Lese (Sales VP), Dana Santos (Product Manager), Joel Lunde (Senior Project Manager), and Aaron Armstrong (Senior Account Executive).

4. Constant evaluation with our partners at ClearyRated to keep driving for excellence beyond our current achievement of Best of Staffing for 10 consecutive years.

– We were grateful to ClearlyRated CEO Eric Gregg for joining our Operations Conference to acknowledge our tenth consecutive year of winning Best of Staffing Client Satisfaction. We are one of only 14 U.S. staffing agencies that can make that claim. Now, we will push forward to continue delivering exceptional service to our clients.

Also, after being recognized with the Best of Staffing Talent Satisfaction Award for the second consecutive year, we challenged ourselves to continue providing a great work environment for our employees.

5. Leadership Development Workshops with Butler Street to assist with new ideas and strategy. The goal was to enhance the connection with our teams by understanding our individual DISC assessments.

– We were pleased to welcome back Mary Ann McLaughlin and Joel Schaffer from Butler Street following their recent consultation at our Annual Sales Conference in Las Vegas.

6. Leadership Inspiration from Matt Mayberry, who delivered a one-hour message on Transformational Leadership and Building World Class Team & Culture.

– Matt, who is a former college football and NFL player, inspired our team to serve ourselves and serve others. From this attitude, we will see a breakthrough in the growth of our company, the client employers who are seeking a reliable labor solution, and the employees who rely on us for new job opportunities and career growth.

Individual Award Recognition for Allegiance Staffing Branches

During this year’s conference, we individually recognized Allegiance Staffing branch locations that have consistently achieved excellent results for our employers and talent over an extended period of time.

We presented the ClearlyRated Decade Award achievement to the following branches:

  • Market Decade Average Net Promoter Score: Fraser, MI (83.5%)
  • Market Most 10’s Rating in a Decade: Charlotte, N.C. (140)
  • Market Highest Response Rate in a Decade: Houston, TX (78.1%)

These are unbelievable accomplishments for our individual branches. The results capture that the Allegiance Staffing process works to produce results for our clients.

Work With Allegiance Staffing to Identify Your Labor Solution

In this tight labor market, it is critical to hold ourselves to a higher standard of service to each person and entity that we serve. Following the gathering in Chicago, our teams are more equipped to carry the message into every-day service.

Our staffing agency will work with your company to provide a labor solution that fits your market, needs, and size. We will hold ourselves accountable to deliver on what we promise, ensuring that your company meets your operational goals.

Contact us today to discuss the specific needs of your company.