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4 Tips for Resource Planning in the Manufacturing Industry

April 23, 2019 | Staffing Blog

A fundamental component of a successful manufacturing business is a small business staffing plan. You may be finding that you aren’t equipped with the right strategies, or maybe you are struggling to keep up with your competitors. Don’t worry, there are solutions to such difficulties, and we are here to provide them to you. In order to keep your business on top of the game, we have assembled four tips when it comes to helpful resources in the manufacturing industry.

Resource Planning That Makes A Difference

There are a lot of people trying to sell you their help, and it is up to you to find the ones that will actually be the keys to success. Here are valuable resources to have in the manufacturing industry.

1. Get Lean

The term ‘lean’ is a process in the manufacturing industry that means to trim away any unnecessary factors that are not helping your company succeed. This means eliminating processes that result in the waste of resources, both energy and materialistic. Thinking ‘lean’ allows managers and business owners to prioritize and standardize toward optimal improvement. The most successful companies will always look for existing error and make the adjustments necessary to fix such hindrances.

2. Practice Limitations

Some companies start with the bare minimum, while others go full force ahead by overstaffing and purchasing tools that end up going unused. Think carefully about where you are putting your money and why. Instead of hiring a bunch of people who will perform the job on a mediocre level, hire a few specialists that will provide an outstanding product.

3. Calculate Profit Per Hour

Knowing the profit you are making per hour will help you to determine objectives each day. This is critical when it comes to creating processes and goals for your employees. Managers have a lot on their plate, and they only spend a portion of their time actually performing the duties that their employees do. Because of this, they might not always be planning work processes efficiently. Being aware of hourly profit will define priorities for both managers and employees alike.

4. Hire Adequate Staff

Not only do you need employees to accomplish a task, but you should also have awareness of just how many people are necessary to do so. In manufacturing, each task does not always require the same amount of workers. This is why it is so common to practice temporary staffing in this industry. Knowing how to measure this can make a huge difference in your labor costs and the profits that you bring in with each project. Your HR department may not be proficient in staff planning, and this is where staffing agencies can help.

Elevate Your Operating Reality

With adequate resource planning, you will be able to match your competitors and even possibly soar above them. We can help you plan and acquire the staff that you need to be the most productive and beneficial to your company. For more information on what Allegiance Staffing can do for you, reach out to our customer service team here.