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Overnight Entry Level Jobs that Pay the Bills

December 26, 2022 | Career Blog

For many people, especially high school and college students who are busy with daytime studies, trying to find temporary work that fits your schedule can be challenging. Overnight entry level jobs are often the perfect solution.

These types of jobs usually do not require special skills, can help you gain valuable experience, and offer flexible schedules. Overnight temporary jobs are also a fantastic way to explore various career paths and job options to see what might suit you best in a long-term career.

Consider One of These Overnight Entry Level Jobs

Take a look at seven types of jobs that could fit your current schedule.

1. Hospital Admissions Clerk – median U.S. salary of $31,200/year.

Hospitals are an ideal place to look for an overnight job, as hospital staff must assist and care for patients around the clock. Hospital admissions clerks assist patients as they come in, directing them to the right areas and ensuring that all paperwork is correctly filled out. Admissions clerks also help patients make future appointments.

As an admissions clerk, you might also work with nurses or doctors to gather more patient information, organize files, or work through insurance paperwork.

  • Direct patients as they enter the hospital.
  • Help patients fill out paperwork and answer any questions they might have.
  • Organize paperwork and files.
  • Gather information and ensure papers are filled out and submitted correctly.
  • Find out what it’s like to work in the healthcare industry.

2. Order Fulfillment Specialist – median U.S. salary of $37,000/year.

Order fulfillment specialist is one of the best jobs suited for high school students, as it doesn’t require any special training. As an order fulfillment specialist, you’ll work with other team members to gather and package various items for orders.

You may be tasked with creating shipping labels or processing returns. Many order fulfillment specialists also receive incoming shipments and help organize items as they enter the warehouse.

  • Gather items for shipments and package them properly.
  • Create shipping labels and send out orders.
  • Receive incoming shipments and organize new items.
  • Process returns.
  • Find an entry point into the warehouse industry.

3. Front Desk Clerk – median U.S. salary of $27,600/year.

If a business, such as a warehouse, hotel, or hospital, is open during the evening or overnight, they’ll most likely need someone to manage the front desk. This is where a skilled front desk clerk comes in.

Front desk clerks are often tasked with answering questions, taking phone calls, or directing anyone who enters the building after regular business hours. Since the night shift is often quieter than the day shift, front desk clerks working during the evening might also be asked to organize files, process or schedule shipments, or accept deliveries.

  • Assist or direct anyone who visits during off-hours.
  • Answer calls, take messages, and relay questions.
  • Liaison with other employees, delivery people, and customers or patients.
  • Organize files, complete paperwork, and schedule or accept deliveries.
  • See if clerical work is a good fit for your career path.

4. Warehouse Associate – median U.S. salary of $29,600/year.

If you’re looking for positions with flexible schedules, a warehouse associate job can be a great fit. Since warehouses are often open 24 hours a day to create items or fulfill orders promptly, they usually offer an overnight shift option.

Like an order fulfillment specialist, a warehouse associate may be responsible for packaging and shipping orders. Warehouse associates are also often tasked with receiving shipments, organizing goods, and assisting with item production.

Associates will keep the warehouse clean and organized, which can include updating and maintaining the warehouse’s inventory.

  • Receive shipments and send out deliveries.
  • Keep items organized and maintain an accurate inventory.
  • Ensure the warehouse remains clean and organized.
  • Work with other associates to complete production goals.

5. Call Center Representative – median U.S. salary of $48,000/year.

Whether you’re looking for short-term work or a more permanent position, taking on the role of a call center representative is an excellent way to learn more about a company and propel your career forward.

Customers or clients may have an issue or questions regarding products or services at any time of the day or night, and call center representatives help to answer these questions and solve any problems.

Serving as a call center representative can help you see how a company operates from the ground up, and these positions often offer great upward mobility options.

  • Take calls or reply to emails.
  • Answer customer questions or problem-solve issues.
  • Schedule maintenance or deliveries.
  • Process customer returns.

6. Laboratory Assistant – median U.S. salary of $39,000/year.

Although it might not always be thought of as an entry level position, a laboratory assistant position usually offers on-the-job training, making it one of the best jobs suited for college students. A laboratory assistant position is also a fantastic way to start your career in science or medicine.

Lab assistants often monitor tests or experiments, prepare samples, and record data. They may also be asked to maintain or organize records and files.

  • Prepare test samples or other experiment materials.
  • Monitor ongoing tests and record data.
  • Keep data and records organized and up-to-date.

7. Laundry Staff – median U.S. salary of $21,800/year.

Laundry staff members are a key component when it comes to maintaining hospitals or hotels, but these employees often work during the evening to minimize interruptions. Laundry staff members are often asked to change beds or replenish towels or washcloths. They are responsible for washing bedding, towels, or even hospital scrubs.

Laundry staff members usually receive access to flexible hours, including evening or night shifts. The position is an amazing addition to a resume for anyone who might later want a more permanent medical position.

  • Change bedding and restock clean linens.
  • Wash towels, bedding, and clothing as necessary.
  • Keep hospital or hotel rooms neat.
  • See if the hospital industry is a good fit for your career plans.

Ready to Find an Overnight Entry Level Job?

Overnight entry levels jobs are an excellent introduction to the workforce, and they can help high school or college students earn extra money to support their studies. If you feel that an overnight position might be right for you, consider working with Allegiance Staffing.

Allegiance Staffing can help you find a temporary job that suits your specific skills and interests. Check out the Jobs Board for positions near you, or contact Allegiance to find out more about how to apply for an overnight job in your area.