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Popular Manufacturing Job Titles in 2019

March 4, 2019 | Career Blog

In 2018, the U.S. manufacturing industry added 327,000 jobs. This industry has a lot of different sectors, meaning job opportunities for individuals with a wide variety of interests and skills. What remains true in all manufacturing jobs is the creation of new products, sometimes made from raw materials and other times from pre-made components. Though a great many of manufacturing employees do work on the production line, there is also a lot of opportunity on the management side of things. If you are interested in breaking into this industry, there are a lot of ways you can go about it. In this article, we will explore the most common manufacturing jobs titles and what working one of these positions would entail.

The Most Common Positions

When searching for a job in manufacturing, you will want to use this list of titles to help narrow your results:

Assembler. Assemblers are responsible for putting together pieces of products or finalizing the assembly of a finished product. They do so by using their hands, tools or specifically engineered machines.
Median Pay: 31,850 per year
Typical Entry-Level Education: High school diploma or equivalent

Welder. Welders and brazers use different tools and equipment in order to cut and join metal parts together. Some acquire experience for these jobs through a high school course or technical education, while others are trained on the job. Performing this job requires the ability to operate such equipment, keep a close eye on detail, and read blueprints and diagrams.
Median Pay: 40,240
Typical Entry-Level Education: High school diploma or equivalent.

Machinist/Operator. Machinists are responsible for maintaining, setting up and operating mechanically-operated machines that are used to create parts for manufacturing. To acquire one of these jobs, you will need to have had some sort of training related to the area. Machinists also receive a good deal of training on the job.
Median Pay: 44,110 per year
Typical Entry-Level Education: High school diploma or equivalent

Production Manager. A production manager is responsible for overseeing the everyday operations that take place within a manufacturing plant. They keep everyone on task and schedule, hire workers and fix problems that occur during production. This job commonly requires a bachelor’s degree, but people have acquired the position without one after gaining enough experience within the field.
Median Pay: 100,580
Typical Entry-Level Education: Bachelor’s degree

Quality Control Inspector. Quality control inspectors check materials in products for any defects or possible hazards due to faulty construction. They usually work within the manufacturing plant, where they inspect the products before confirming that they are finished and ready for release. Most quality control inspectors require a high school degree and are trained for their position on the job. A higher degree may be necessary if the job entrails using technical equipment or computer programs in order to inspect products.
Median Pay: 37,340 per year
Typical Entry-Level Education: High school diploma or equivalent

In Conclusion

The list above contains only some examples of the types of positions that people commonly acquire within the manufacturing field. If you choose to explore a career in this field, it is very possible that you may find yourself in one of these jobs. Then again, there are many more options within the field that may be a better fit based on your skill set and aspirations. If you would like to explore the opportunities available to you within the manufacturing field, reach out to our staff today.