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New Indy Branch Manager Supports Second Chance for Workers

March 8, 2019 | News Blog

Scott Whiting, the branch manager of our new Allegiance Staffing Indianapolis location, was recently profiled by the Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC).

The article focused on Scott’s commitment to helping workers gain a second chance at employment. Scott considers the pool of workers from the “alternative workforce” to be valuable contributors to growing companies.

“A major focus of mine in this role is helping people who need a second chance,” Scott told WERC. “Help them get into jobs that lead to meaningful employment, while educating employers that hiring at-risk workers can be a very positive thing for their company.”

Programs Such as “Get Back to Work” Help Bridge the Gap

This year, our staffing agency is joining with the American Staffing Association (ASA) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) to promote their new initiative, “Getting Talent Back to Work.”

The program is designed to help employees with a criminal background or other background challenges find new employment opportunities.

One of the tools to help bridge the gap between employers who are concerned about hiring individuals with a record and employees who are seeking a second chance is the “Getting Talent Back to Work Toolkit.” The toolkit helps employees evaluate each candidate on a case-by-case basis and understand whether the candidate would be a good fit in their company.

We are proud of Scott Whiting serving as an ambassador for our company’s commitment to helping second-chance workers find new work opportunities.

“Companies have to be willing to stop sizing people up based on their past and to implement a little flexibility to help a great employee keep working,” Scott told WERC. “Based on my experience, that goes a long way toward gaining tremendous employee loyalty and little to no absenteeism.”

Warehousing Represents Major Opportunity for Employees and Employers

One of Scott’s main points of emphasis is filling warehouse positions available through our client employers. Scott’s previous industry experience as a warehouse staffer helps him match up talent with available opportunities.

“In warehousing, you’re basically selling two things: space and labor. Of the two, labor can be the more critical factor,” Scott told WERC. “In Indianapolis — the Crossroads of America — and its suburbs, there are literally hundreds of warehouses. As the labor shortage has gotten even more acute, companies aren’t even scraping the bottom of the barrel for employees anymore; there are no more barrels to scrape.”

The solution is looking toward qualified talent with a background that could be the difference-makers to help companies achieve growth. Allegiance Staffing is committed to helping make those connections in Indianapolis and across our other branch locations across 14 U.S. states.

Employees: connect with your local branch location to inquire about job opportunities.

Employers: discover our award-winning approach to a high-quality labor solution.