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Production Worker Staffing: Calculate Your Temporary Hiring Needs

May 24, 2018 | Staffing Blog

It is becoming increasingly popular for companies to hire temporary production workers, according to data from the US Department of Labor. Around 2 million people have been hired in the past year into temporary work, not only due to their seasonal needs but also because they are unsure of how long the economy will be working in their favor.

By hiring temporary employees, they have enough people while they are at their peak and then are able to let them go once their need is fulfilled. As you consider taking on temporary production worker staff, it is important that you know how to calculate the number of people you require.

Why Companies Are Turning To Temporary Staffing

When it comes to production workers, there are a number of instances when a temporary staff member is the best solution. Some examples are:

  • Replacing a full-time employee who is away due to illness or on a leave of absence
  • Maintaining optimal staff levels as the business goes through change
  • Trying out staff who could be potential future hires to ensure they have the skills and personality that the job demands
  • Needing well-trained experts in a certain area for a temporary need, such as technical specialists or creative design
  • Saving on training costs by hiring someone who wishes to only work temporarily for extra cash while you fill and train a new employee for the position

How To Calculate Temporary Staffing Needs

There are a number of different techniques that you can use to determine your hiring needs. Some examples are:

Ratio Method: Human resource forecasting uses two different ratio methods: staffing and productivity. Staffing ratios are used to determine your need based on the way the company has always been organized. Productivity ratios estimate how much each employee contributes to sales and how necessary the addition of new employees may be due to the sales forecast.

Benchmarking: This is a technique used when a company may be lacking in the managerial department and needs a sufficient way to make informed judgments. The idea here is to look over at your competitors, those who sell a similar product and make/spend around the same as you, and see how they are going about staffing.

Statistical Regression: This is an analysis that takes a look at past sales and staffing data in order to forecast future staffing needs. The sales made each year and what the staffing situation was like can help determine how well the sales were supported by the staff.

Management Judgments: Often times, if the manager or business owner is experienced enough, the company will rely on their judgment when it comes to staffing needs. Smaller companies usually take this approach and start small, slowly adding as the need presents itself.

Room For Error

As with any forecasting technique, you can always count on a little room for error. Changes in business, employee productivity, and other factors can all impact how many employees you actually need. That’s why we developed the employee cost calculator. Use this calculator as a checks-and-balance to factor in all of the hidden employee costs so you can identify your true employee bill rate.

<<Calculate Your Employee Cost>>

Fill Your Need By Partnering With A Staffing Agency

Finding temporary production worker help can be difficult. You can try the typical route by advertising and posting to social media, but the more efficient way is to use a staffing agency.

An agency knows how to target people who are specifically looking for temporary work. Also, we already have formed a large network of available workers seeking employment from which we can pull in order to fit your specific need.

You shouldn’t have to go through the entire time-consuming process of posting ads and interviewing candidates for short-term positions just to find an employee that will fit your qualifications and do a good job.

Allegiance Staffing has processes and programs in place such as our 3-Phase Hiring Process to ensure we only bring on employees of the highest caliber. Our staffing agency will ensure you compile the best team for the job with optimal efficiency. Contact us today to learn more!