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5 Warehouse Job Titles You Should Be Aiming For

June 1, 2018 | Career Blog

There are a number of reasons to consider a career in the warehouse and manufacturing industry. Some reasons people are often drawn to factory jobs are medical and retirement health benefits along with the luxury of paid time off and holidays.

Another big draw is how much opportunity exists for advancement. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, entry-level positions can earn you around $30,000 a year and you have the ability to eventually achieve manager status, making you at least $94,000 a year.

If you see yourself as a quick learner and are not afraid to try new things, you are just the type of person that could find themselves advancing fast in a manufacturing job.

Warehouse Jobs with Growth Potential

We have compiled a list of some of the job titles you should be aiming for if you believe you have what it takes to climb the factory ladder. Some of these do typically require a bachelor’s degree, but if you work with a company and display your skills right, you could rise to the position without it.

1. Warehouse General Manager
Average Salary: $38,000 – $76,000
Job Responsibilities:

  • Analyze work orders
  • Manage and supervise storeroom operations
  • Operate forklifts
  • Supervise and train staff on computer operations
  • Communicate to staff materials that need to be transported
  • Maintain and adjust delivery schedule plans
  • Review paperwork for deliveries and communicate any further work requirements that may be needed
  • Check documents to ensure they have been filled out thoroughly and accurately
  • Make all order requests to replenish any items that must remain stocked in the storeroom
  • Keep track of all materials leaving or coming into the warehouse to ensure they are being taken where they are designated to go
  • Inventory
  • Implementation of any other necessary changes to be made to the work process

2. Industrial Machinery Mechanics / Machinery Maintenance Worker
Average Salary: $32,280 – $76,940
Job Responsibilities:

Clean equipment or machinery
Test machinery to check for any necessary repairs
Perform diagnostic tests on equipment
Replace or fix malfunctioning equipment parts
Take apart and reassemble machinery when a problem is detected
Study manuals in order to understand machinery better
Transport machinery or equipment when necessary

3. Distribution Center Manager
Average Salary: $47,000 – $94,000
Job Responsibilities:

  • Create and implement strategies to improve distribution
  • Arrange distribution schedule to work toward company goals
  • Analyze current procedures and provide solutions to problems
  • Manage inventories within the distribution center
  • Assemble monthly reports of inventory levels
  • Prepare and managing budgets
  • Assign and managing carriers that will distribute the product on an assigned route
  • Oversee everyday operations and helping team members to accomplish their assigned tasks

4. Logistician
Average Salary: $44,820 – $120,120
Job Responsibilities:

  • Determine how long a product will last from the day it is designed to when it will no longer be functional
  • Create relationships with suppliers and clients to enhance the business’s connections
  • Meet client’s needs and keep them satisfied customers
  • Direct the allocation of materials, supplies, and products
  • Check all functionalism, determining where improvement is needed and how it can be done
  • Come up with strategies to safely and quickly transport goods at a reasonable cost

5. Industrial Production Manager
Average Salary: $61,360 – $168,780
Job Responsibilities:

  • Hire and train workers and evaluate their abilities and room for growth
  • Keep log of production reports
  • Keep production on schedule and within a functioning budget
  • Analysis of production data
  • Troubleshoot production problems
  • Decide whether or not to replace machines if they cannot be fixed or are low quality
  • Designate jobs to workers based on their abilities and the best way to make use of them

How A Staffing Agency Can Help

It may be difficult to imagine yourself working your way up to these positions, or you might read the job descriptions and think “Hey, I can do that!”. This could be the right future for you, and it is understandable that you might not know what steps to take to get there.

A staffing agency will help you take a look at your skills and match you with companies that are looking for people just like you. Allegiance knows a lot about the manufacturing industry, and we can help you explore the different career paths available and where you are most likely to succeed. Who knows, you could be on your way to something bigger than you thought possible. Contact us here for more information on careers in the warehouse industry.