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Quality Screening Can Boost Light Industrial Staffing Success

October 22, 2013 | Staffing Blog


Whether you’re creating clothing, furniture or consumer electronics, you need employees who can keep up with the pace. You company is moving a great deal of product and relies on having dependable employees to assemble and pack those products, drive a forklift and ensure items are shipped properly and on time. 

Problems like high turnover, accidents and unskilled labor can bring a day’s progress to a grinding halt – and a slow day means lost money and unhappy customers. 

Let’s take a look at a real world light industrial staffing situation:

The local operations of a national food service distributor had historically suffered from excessive turnover in both its permanent and temporary workforce. The turnover was reflected in order inaccuracies, low warehouse productivity and customer complaints. The distributor used about 40 temporary employees each day to cover absenteeism and vacancies in its own full-time workforce.

As temp-to-hire probationary periods expired, members of this largely unscreened temporary workforce were selected to join the distributor’s own payroll. The facility was recognized as having the highest employee turnover in the country and was poorly reviewed in terms of its customer service.

The company’s local human resources management hired Allegiance Staffing to staff the distribution facility with temporary employees. We used our 3-Day Hiring Process focused on screening candidates and ensuring the company received the most skilled workers. 

After just one year working with Allegiance Staffing, turnover within the facility’s own light industrial workforce was practically eliminated. Temporary staffing counts were reduced to about one contingent worker per day once the Allegiance Staffing pipeline of new hires replaced the old workforce. The facility was recognized as having gone from the highest to the lowest turnover. Order accuracy, on-time product delivery and customer service scores also improved dramatically.

All this happened because this company decided to focus on quality and work with a company that understands light industrial staffing needs. We don’t send temporary workers to your business without knowing if they can operate a forklift, work on an assembly line or simply show up for work on time. 

There’s no reason you should put up with untrained, undependable workers. We can help with your light industrial staffing needs and eliminate your hiring headaches.