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Training, Reliability Important for Clerical Staffing Jobs

November 4, 2013 | Staffing Blog


Anyone can answer phones, file paperwork or make appointments for the CEO, right? Not exactly. Often your clerical staff serves as the front line of your business – answering phones, working the front desk and interacting with customers. Having the right people in your clerical roles is about more than finding someone who can manage a stack of file folders. 

Our business concentrates on providing the highest quality workers for your clerical staffing needs, including administrative assistants, secretaries, receptionists, file clerks, data entry and general office support.

Need more proof? Take this example of an Allegiance Staffing client that had been in the store fixture business for more than 70 years when it decided to re-invent its sales strategy from a direct-selling territory to a call center reaching out to restaurants, hotels and churches.

The company needed to grow quickly to avoid a lapse in revenue, so it turned to Allegiance Staffing for help to find 30 to 45 experienced call center professionals to get the call center up and running quickly. We were able to do so in under a week. And, after a year, this program is still going strong for our client.

That example demonstrates the importance of having vetted and trained clerical staff who can step into administrative roles and get right to work. 

We can attribute much of our success to Allegiance Staffing’s unique 3-Day Hiring Process. That’s right, we spend three days screening and interviewing your next temporary employee. Other agencies might spend a couple hours on a cursory interview and a background check, but is that what you do when it comes to hiring full-time workers? We take hiring as seriously as you do. 

Anyone hired by Allegiance has to come to our office three times to be tested, screened, interviewed and vetted. The ones who don’t want to return for a second and third day weren’t going to be good for your business anyway. Those who show up all three days have demonstrated they are serious about the job. They have proven their commitment, and we haven’t even sent them to your place of business yet. 

Working with Allegiance Staffing, you can feel confident about the quality of employees you’ll receive and not constantly be worried about no-shows or unskilled workers. No company wants a receptionist who shows up late or a data entry clerk who is uncomfortable with technology. 

Other staffing agencies may send you someone to fill a chair, but your Allegiance Staffing Partner sends workers who can fill a job – permanently.