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5 Tips For Recruiting Hard-Working Manufacturing Employees

June 8, 2018 | Staffing Blog

More than 75% of manufacturers reported having a shortage of skilled workers back in 2015, and the issue seems to only be increasing based on recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Employers like you need people who are motivated to learn new skills, possess the ability to multi-task and can take on the responsibility of upholding the quality of your services. People who are out there job hunting very rarely think of a career in manufacturing as their first choice, and a result, there are many other companies out there competing against you to recruit your ideal candidates.

Successfully Recruiting Manufacturing Employees

It is up to you to stand out and provide something appealing to prospective employees that your competitors aren’t. Here are 5 tips on how to do just that.

1. Offer competitive pay and benefits. This is going to be the first thing that prospective employees look at. If you are offering a less-than-decent hourly wage they are going to look around for something better. Offering insurance and a reasonable wage shows that you have respect for your employees, will peak the interest of those who really need money and benefit support, and will encourage those who work for you to stick around while continuing to pull their weight.

2. Gain interest through social media platforms with keywords to attract hardworking individuals. Think about how much time people spend surfing Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. If you want to attract attention, you will reach thousands of eyes just by posting ads. In your ads, talk about the opportunities that exist for motivated and hardworking individuals, ‘even though they may not have any experience’. Include hints about being a good team player and how the manufacturing industry welcomes those ready to learn and grow.

3. Team up with local schools to engage young talent early. Paying visits to high school shop classes and other local programs that are relevant to the manufacturing industry will help to you recruit the interest of candidates before they are even in the position of needing a job. If they are already involved with you and trained to work through your framework, they will be more likely to gravitate toward you when it’s time to start making money for themselves. On top of that, they will have an idea of the work ethic you expect from them and come in ahead of the game.

4. Offer apprenticeships. This is a similar idea as working with schools, but this way you are bringing interest right to your doorstep from the get-go. Having an apprenticeship program for high school juniors and seniors attracts appeal because many teenagers are looking for ways to make money during the summer or to save up for after they graduate. If they choose to apprentice with you are giving them an opportunity to acquire invaluable skill sets as well as showing them how successful they could be if they remain with your company long-term.

5. Partner up with a staffing agency. All of the options above require efforts from you, but a staffing agency does the work for you. Not only that, they know exactly what to look for in candidates based on the knowledge they gather from you about your company. A staffing agency will already be working with people that are looking for work, and they will have taken them through an interview process to ensure that they feel confident about representing them and recommending them to companies like yours.

Your Strategic Labor Partner

A well-run business focuses on treating their hardworking employees well. With that knowledge and the help of a staffing agency such as Allegiance Staffing, you are sure to attract and retain dedicated, hardworking employees. Contact us here for more information on partnering with a staffing agency.