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Are Your Skilled Trades Staffers Truly Skilled?

December 2, 2013 | Staffing Blog


A high-end manufacturer in Nashville was using two other staffing firms to provide it with CNC machine operators, grinders, welders and other skilled trades and technical positions. The Allegiance Staffing office in Nashville TN stepped in and began providing the workers. The team forged a strong relationship with the client company and provided top-notch skilled workers. Now, that company is phasing out the services of the other staffing agencies so it can depend solely on Allegiance Staffing for its skilled trades staffing needs. 

Why the switch? This company quickly realized that Allegiance does staffing differently. We understand your business and your staffing needs. We know you may need carpenters one day, electricians the next and welders on another day. 

Are you working with a staffing agency that can provide you with the right skilled tradespeople just when you need them? If the answer is “no,” then your company is probably plagued with downtime, overtime costs and less-than-stellar productivity. In short: you’re wasting money.

We are committed to an extensive screening and hiring process that ensures you receive the highest quality of temporary employees. As part of our 3-Day Hiring Process, we interview job candidates over the course of three days. Other agencies might do a one-hour interview and quick background check or drug test. You can’t learn much from a one-hour conversation. But, over the course of three days, you can determine which job candidates are serious and committed. 


Our goal is send those committed workers to your company where they will show up on time, know how to operate the equipment and increase your productivity and, therefore, your profits. We can supply CNC machine operators, grinders, welders, automotive technicians, carpenters, electricians, HVAC technicians, aviation mechanics, plumbers, pipefitters and welders. Through our hiring process, we’ve determined these employees know their craft. 

When it comes to skilled trades staffing, Allegiance delivers the greatest value for your staffing dollars. Why spend money on multiple staffing companies and receive mediocre results? We believe if you trust Allegiance with your staffing needs, you’ll receive the best people for the job and end up with a staffing partner for the long-term.