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Does Your Staffing Agency Go Beyond the Background Check?

November 11, 2013 | Staffing Blog


When it comes to vetting potential employees, background checks are an important tool. They can reveal critical details about job candidates and valuable clues as to their work history and character. Information in background checks varies slightly among states, but for the most part uncovers such details as criminal records, citizenship, military records, past employers, bankruptcies and listings on sex offender registries.

Among the staffing industry, only 42 percent of staffing companies run background checks. At Allegiance Staffing, we run background checks 100 percent of the time. But background checks are just one tool we use to determine the best employees for the job. 

As an article from points out, background checks aren’t the “end all, be all” of the hiring process. Even Edward Snowden, who leaked sensitive government secrets, had a clean background check prior to his hiring at the National Security Agency. 

“The Snowden controversy serves as an example of how background screenings are just one process employers can use to ensure they’re hiring the right person. Such checks should function as a supplement to a thorough interview process, said Bill Tate, president of background screening company HR Plus in Chicago.”

That’s exactly why we employ a thorough screening process that involves much more than one background check at Allegiance Staffing. We also use safety training, drug testing, e-Verify and comprehensive interviews to give us a more complete picture of a potential employee. These steps are part of our unique 3-Day Hiring Process that ensure we provide our customers with skilled, reliable and trustworthy people with a commitment to work. 

In addition, our team verifies employment with former employers and talks with past supervisors to gauge an applicant’s work ethic, skills and reliability. We put applicants through an intense skills testing to ensure a potential employee is competent to handle the tasks you need completed. 

How does all this checking, double checking and testing help? Our system has proven effective time and time again. Our customers report better workers, increased productivity, greater efficiency, less downtime and fewer accidents. This is all thanks to a comprehensive hiring process. 

So, the next time you need a staffing agency to help you hire seasonal employees or prep for a large order, ask about the agency’s hiring process. Does it run a quick background check that may or may not reveal important details about a potential hire? Does it spend time interviewing the job candidate, vetting his or her past work history and ensuring the employee is properly trained? 

If not, you’re likely to find you’re stuck with workers who show up late or not at all, aren’t concerned about the quality of the work they produce and are involved in more accidents. Your company will soon realize thorough interviews and training make all the difference – what we like to call the Allegiance Difference.