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5 Strategies for Avoiding Temporary Staffing Shortages

September 17, 2018 | Staffing Blog

The U.S. is currently experiencing a labor shortage of epidemic proportions. With over 6.7 million jobs sitting open, employers are facing record-breaking challenges fulfilling their staffing needs according to reports from ADP and Moody Analytics.

It is both an art and a science to accurately forecast staffing — and the process is far from easy even when you are not in an “employee’s market.” While overstaffing can lead to cash flow issues and stretched budgets, understaffing can cause drops in order fulfillment rates, customer service quality, employee satisfaction, and much more!

No matter how long you have been operating your business, there is no denying that you need to plan in advance for temporary staffing shortages in order to run efficiently.

Temporary Staffing Shortage Solutions

You need to have a solution for avoiding these staffing shortages to stay on top of production and customer satisfaction in this tricky market. Here are six recommendations we have for you to help you remain on track.

1. Ask Your Employees and Colleagues For Referrals

You have a network of people surrounding you that you already know you can trust. More often than not, the people that you appreciate will recommend a like-minded candidate. If they value their relationship with you, they will not recommend anyone that you wouldn’t approve of.

2. Consider Where You Can Afford To Be More Flexible

It is important to have standards, of course, but where can you afford to give a little wiggle room in order to broaden the appeal of working for your company? Think of some perks you can offer to reward employees for the amount of extra hours they put in for you.

3. Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Why would you yourself be drawn to working for a company like yours?
  • How clear are your job descriptions and expectations for your employees?
  • What can you offer to current employees for referring a successful candidate to fill a position?
  • What can you do to invest in employees?

Avoiding staff shortages goes hand in hand with mastering staff retention. In order to do so, you need to take a close look at the environment you are providing for your staff and truly feel convinced that it is an ideal workplace.

4. Focus On Values and Character

Often times, employers miss the opportunity to meet some of the most promising candidates because they are focusing too much on experience and proof of skill. When looking for the ideal employee, what you should actually be looking for is someone that sees the world the way you do that you can train in accordance with your motives. The most important thing is that you can trust the person and that their work ethic is solid. Do not limit yourself by sticking to a small pool of possibility.

5. Evaluate The Culture Of Your Workplace

Perspective employees will be researching and analyzing you just as much as you will them. If there are reviews, photos, press releases, etc. about your company on the internet, they will look at them. Take a look at your Yelp reviews, Glassdoor posts, website, and anything else that defines your personality on the worldwide web. How do you look? If the vibe is negative or could use some sprucing up, consider spending a little time on your social media presence.

Using A Temporary Staffing Partner

The good news is, there are people who actually want to work for you on a temporary basis. They want to help you fill up the time it takes to accomplish that extra arduous task or cover for your full-time rockstar that had to go on leave. It is easy to find these people too, because staffing agencies find them for you. Plus agencies do all the grunt work of background checks and employee vetting.

Simply find a staffing agency that specializes in your industry, and they will provide you with a handful of candidates that are ideal for your needs. We are happy to help discuss any temporary staffing needs you have coming up. Contact us here!