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Why Students are a Great Choice For Seasonal Staffing | Allegiance

May 15, 2017 | Staffing Blog

It’s almost time for the summer, bringing in busy season for many industries. If you’re looking for quality seasonal staff, you’ll find that some of your best seasonal candidates are students. Whether they’re a high school student obtaining that first job or a graduate student with a wealth of experience, hiring students is a great option for most seasonal positions.

Here are four reasons we like connecting students and employers looking for summer seasonal staff:

  • They’re hard-working and ready to learn. Fresh off a year’s worth of classes, students bring curiosity and a willingness to bring their skills into the real world. Most are eager to learn skills that will help them develop their abilities and start their career path. Some might even bring innovative ideas they learned at school into your business.
  • They have similar needs. Most students, like companies with seasonal staffing needs, need full-time work only during the summer. During the school year, classes make it difficult to work a full-time schedule. Hiring a student assures that both your scheduling needs match up, and that your company will hire a candidate looking for the same seasonal position you need to fill.
  • They’re high energy and enthusiastic. Students looking for work are usually between 16 and 25, and bring energy and an enthusiasm to the work world. Their youthful spirit is often just what your company needs to bring positive energy and camaraderie into your business.
  • You can often bring them back the following year. Most students need to work every summer to earn money for the following school year, so you’re likely to be able to bring them back multiple times. This saves your company time and money with the seasonal job search.
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