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Trends in Seasonal Staffing

May 22, 2017 | Staffing Blog

For companies with fluctuating needs during busy and quiet seasons, or large firms working to fill temporary Family Medical Leave Act vacancies, seasonal staffing continues to be the perfect solution. Given the advantages seasonal and temporary work offers to companies and prospective seasonal employees, it’s not surprising to see many positive trends taking shape in the industry.

Recently, the following trends have been emerging in the seasonal staffing industry:

  • The temporary recruiting industry is growing. A recently completed report by MarketsReportOnline indicates that the temporary recruitment industry is growing worldwide. This rise in temporary recruitment workers in the office shows that there is an increasing demand from companies for temporary positions. Many are turning to trained recruitment professionals and agencies for help.
  • More Americans prefer temporary work. A recent survey indicated that 40% of Americans prefer flexible work to working in a traditional full-time 9-5 position. The research, completed by a staffing agency in California, shows that more US workers than ever enjoy the flexibility of these positions. An increasing number also take seasonal or temporary positions in addition to a regular full or part-time job.
  • Millennials often need temporary work as part of ‘vacation moves.’ A recent survey from Mayflower Movers shows that 2 in 5 Millennials move to a city temporarily, with no intention to live there permanently. Furthermore, over 25% come primarily to find work in the new city. Seasonal staffing will continue to cater to these young workers looking for adventure and flexibility in their work and home life.

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