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The Worst Mistakes Employers Make Hiring a Warehouse Employee

May 10, 2018 | Staffing Blog

The turnover rate in the warehouse industry is at about 16 percent, and a big reason for this is due to employers hiring individuals that prove to be unfit for their position. Finding and bringing on new talent is not an easy task, you have to consider the type of person you are looking for from a number of different angles.

Of course, you want to consider their skill set and past experience, but their personality and communication skills will also determine how well they fit into your team.

Don’t Make These Hiring Mistakes

To keep you on your game and your hiring skills sharp, take a look at these common mistakes employers making when hiring a warehouse employee.

Mistake 1: Keeping The Search Too Narrow

It is a good thing to know what you are looking for, but you should always leave a little room for the unexpected candidate. If you put out an ad that is too specific you are leaving little room for a diversified workforce. Keep your options open and you could bring in someone with a new set of skills to balance out or add to the ones that you already have built into your existing team. Consider taking on someone who has experience in different yet related fields. Even if they do not meet the exact credentials you were looking for, they may be willing and talented enough to learn and join a new variety of work.

Mistake 2: Misrepresentation Of The Job

It is very tempting, especially when you really need people, to focus heavily on the good things about the position you need to fill. If you do not lead in with transparency about the types of challenges employees usually come up against, this can cause the new hire to become uncomfortable quickly. You also must be clear on important warehouse skills and traits that are necessary in order for an employee to be successful in their role. Without a solid explanation of the job’s complete responsibilities, you could end up hiring someone who cannot accomplish the tasks required of them. Be as thorough and forthcoming about the job as possible.

Mistake 3: Being Out Of Touch With Your Staff

If you are going to bring in someone that is going to compliment your team, you have to know the ins and outs of the way they work together. A new hire should not only be one that can meet the standards of the tasks they have to carry out, they also need to fit in and be able to pull their weight with the people they will be working with everyday. Besides touching base with your workforce, you can also evaluate the candidate based on:

  • If they were dependable and supportive in their past positions
  • If they make it important to be detail oriented
  • How organized they are with time management
  • If they consider themselves a team player

To gain better insight and strengthen the understanding of what you should be looking for, have a meeting with your current team and let them give you some pointers on the type of person they could use.

Mistake 4: Hiring In Haste Due To Lack Of Time

There is no doubt that you have a lot on your plate. Finding new and capable employees is a full-time job and many people rush the process because they need to fill the spot quickly and get back to their top priorities.

Work With the Experts

If you don’t have the time to appropriately scan resources for quality candidates, there are people who can help. By partnering with hiring experts who specialize in your industry, you don’t have to worry about leaving your responsibilities behind or hiring unreliable staff.

Recruitment firms, such as Allegiance Staffing, work with top percentile candidates so you will never end up with an employee that’s a bad fit for the job. On top of that, our specialty is finding jobs for people who will be successful at them. By using these services you will reduce your turnover rate and fill your job openings with people you can depend on.