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3 Seasonal Jobs That Can Turn into Careers

May 8, 2018 | Career Blog

Figuring out how to launch a career has become a lot more challenging in recent years. Not long ago, you could simply go to college and get a degree and your path would be pretty seamless from there on. However, the costs of college continue to rise, the value of higher education has come into question, causing many to get creative with the way they start their careers.

You may be having difficulty finding the opening you need to get into the industry you desire to work in. One option to consider for getting your foot in the door is to take a seasonal job. Take Target for example, which often adds over 100,000 seasonal workers for the winter holidays — a big percent of which fall under its warehouse and customer service categories. When they hired for the holidays last year they ended up taking many of those workers into full-time positions.

Types of Seasonal Jobs

Let’s take a look at a few seasonal jobs you may be interested in that could end up making your career.

1. Warehouse Worker

Many companies take on warehouse workers seasonally. The warehouse industry is one of the most common places to find seasonal work. On top of that, it also is always in need of experienced, responsible candidates to come on full-time.

Common responsibilities for the typical seasonal warehouse worker include:

  • Operating forklifts to transport the product
  • Bagging and preparing products for shipping
  • Operating machinery needed to move product
  • Following instructions and completing tasks assigned by the manager
  • Keeping the warehouse and other facilities clean
  • Following the companies policies and safety procedures

2. Hotel Hospitality Positions

The holiday season always brings more business in for hotels. Depending on where the hotel is located, it can also be a popular destination spot for other occasions like spring break or summer session.

For whatever the busy season is, a hotel or hospitality service will generally need more:

  • Desk clerks to answer phones, check in, and make other arrangements for visitors
  • Bellhops to collect and transport the visitor’s belongings to their rooms
  • Valets to park the visitor’s cars
  • Maids to keep the hotel and rooms clean
  • Waiters and bartenders to serve the guests in the hotel’s restaurant and bring room service

3. Clerical Worker

Many different companies need to bring on clerical assistance due to their busy season. Clerical work usually means performing the normal daily office tasks.

Examples of these tasks are:

  • Word processing and typing
  • Sorting and filing
  • Record keeping
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Photocopying
  • Monitor bookkeeping

Companies such as hair salons, colleges, and performance venues are just a few examples of companies that have their busy seasons and require some extra clerical help.

Making It Your Career

Applying for seasonal jobs may not have been what you had in mind, but it is actually an adventurous and cunning way to get your foot in the door. It will undoubtedly benefit you by:

  • Filling an employment gap
  • Giving you a new skill set
  • Expanding your network
  • And giving you an INCOME!

You will also be able to get a taste of what working in that industry is like and if it is indeed something you would be happy doing full time. If you do wish to remain in the position once you have acquired it, make sure to:

  • Tell your manager immediately
  • Put your best foot forward every day you come to work
  • Be ready and willing to learn and grow with the company
  • Show how you care through your work ethic

Staffing Agencies Can Help

It may sound good to you to dip your toe in a company’s waters by entering into a seasonal job, or you could find a full-time job that is sure to be a good fit from the start. With the help of a staffing agency, you can discover the path that’s right for you and allow the experts to pair you with the companies that match with it. Start career planning today with Allegiance Staffing.