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5 Things You Should Always Include on a Healthcare Resume

September 2, 2019 | Career Blog

It’s important to know where your priorities are, and when it comes to applying for jobs, your resume is definitely at the top. It is going to be your potential employer’s first introduction to you, and ultimately what helps them decide if they wish to pursue you further. As you assemble your resume, consider what you would care about if you were the person doing the hiring. Name, contact information and organization are among the obvious necessities. What about the stuff that will set you apart from the others? Keep reading to find out what information to include on your healthcare resume that will do just that.

What Can Set You Apart From the Rest

To show your potential employer why they should hire you, you will want to present them with the experiences and efforts you have taken to get yourself where you are today. Therefore, in your resume you will want to include:

  1. Your Special Skills. In your previous jobs, what are the things that you inherently did well? In addition to that, what tools did you acquire along the way that will set you up for success as your go forward? Focus on highlighting the skills you have that will be useful to you in the position that you are applying for.
  2. Examples of Your Responsibility. Listing the positions you have held in the past does show something, but you will also want to include the responsibilities you had within the position to demonstrate that you understood your role and the expectations of it. It’s even better if you can include anything you did that exceeded those expectations. This will show your independence and that you have the ability to learn, grow and make a real difference within your role.
  3. A Complete Path That Has Led You Here. Eliminate any gaps in employment you have had thus far, if possible. If you did have periods of time that you were in between jobs, include what you did in the meantime that helped you to continue your work in healthcare. Examples include volunteering at hospitals or taking some additional classes to enhance your administrative skills.
  4. Every Internship or Positions That Could Be Considered Volunteer Work. When you are just breaking into the healthcare industry, it takes a little time to build up your credentials. The majority of the successful people in your field has done at least one internship or volunteered a great deal before they landed the job that allowed them to truly take off. They will be checking to see that you put in that effort as well, and this will also show them the kind of experiences you have had so far. These positions have just as much validity as a paid position when you are a newcomer in the healthcare industry.
  5. Credentials. The credentials that you want to clearly display are your:
    • Degree.
    • Licenses.
    • Certifications.
    • And any other special training or experience within the field.

This is going to be the first thing that employers and recruiters will be scanning your resume to find. Once they see that your credentials are satisfactory, they will take a look around at the other information on your resume that could set you apart from their leading candidates in order to decide what tier you belong in.

Need Help Building Your Resume for Positions in Healthcare?

As you can see, your resume is a delicate matter and should be carefully executed. This is what is either going to get you noticed or set to the side. Many people look for help when it comes to organizing their resume, and thankfully, help isn’t hard to find! Staffing companies like Allegiance Staffing are dedicated to helping people like you prepare themselves for interviews and helping them land the position that fits them best. Furthermore, Allegiance actually works with a number of industries, including healthcare administration.

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