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The True Value of Working With a Staffing Agency

August 26, 2019 | Staffing Blog

Finding smart, hardworking employees that fit in with your current staff can be an arduous task. You want to make sure you are attracting top-tier applicants to your company to increase productivity and reduce the risk of unwanted turnover.

If your company is new and has not built a reputation in the market, such quality candidates may be difficult to find and hire.

To ease the stress of posting ads and weeding through the responses, many companies choose to work with a staffing agency. Staffing agencies provide recruitment assistance for both temporary and full-time staff.

Staffing agencies also help share the burden of the entire process from recruitment to job placement. That’s where the true value starts to ad up.

The Value of a Staffing Company

An agency such as Allegiance Staffing will take on the responsibility of finding high-quality talent to fill your roles.


We incur the cost of using a job platform such as Indeed, CareerBuilder, or Monster to find qualified talent. Having a partner to recruit talent is crucial to locate active and passive candidates that are a match for roles in your company.


We continue to add value to the process by using a software platform such as Avionte to ensure that recruiters have the best tools available to engage with a multitude of candidates per day. We know that business owners need to focus on running the business, not sorting through hundreds of potential employees to find the right fit.


Once the candidate pool is narrowed to a select group of qualified talent, we work with your company to place the right candidate in the critical role you need filled. We add value to this hiring process by bearing the burden of government mandates such as payroll, taxes, worker’s comp, liability, and benefits.

Engaging a Staffing Agency’s Services

If you are interested in working with a staffing agency but don’t know if the timing is right for your business, consider talking to our team about your options.

To find out what those options are and to see if there is an opportunity to form a partnership with our staffing agency, call us today.

You may also want to start with our Employee Cost Calculator. A few simple inputs will give you an idea of the true cost of your labor force. We can then discuss the results over the phone with you and your team.