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Turning a ‘Good’ Work Place Into a ‘Great’ One

February 10, 2014 | Staffing Blog


On a regular basis, we see lists of businesses dubbed “best places to work” – either on a citywide, statewide or national level. What does it mean to create a great place to work? It is flexible work hours, in-house daycares and fitness centers and a catered lunch on Fridays? 

Those might be part of creating a positive work environment, but we also really like this article from that lays out five steps for being a great place to work. Among them is a key (and expensive) benefit: health insurance. Just recently, we read about large retailer Target being one of the big businesses to drop benefits for part-time employees while other companies like Whole Foods, Starbucks and Trader Joe’s are continuing to offer coverage for part-time employees. 

This has become an even more important consideration for job seekers and even your key employees that might be wondering if the grass is greener elsewhere. Good insurance – from medical, dental, vision and life – is hard to come by these days and if your company has a generous coverage package, you’ll definitely be able to attract and retain key talent. 

The article points out a couple of other less costly ways you can snag the “best places to work” title, including sprucing up the workspace and providing a more generous time off policy. Companies with outdated office furniture and lackluster décor send a negative message to customers and employees. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint, some new breakroom furniture or more comfortable desk chairs can do for morale. 


Many companies have adopted unlimited PTO, entrusting their employees work hard and then take breaks as needed. Of course, this doesn’t work for every kind of business but the idea that people have personal lives, outside obligations and a need for just plain R&R is important for employers to remember. Even offering up an extra week or two of PTO goes a long way toward demonstrating appreciation for your employees. 

What are some of the ways your company is a great place to work? Are you considering making changes that would improve employee satisfaction?