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New OSHA Rulings Planned for 2014

February 3, 2014 | Staffing Blog


Last summer, we reported that OSHA was gathering information on the use of temporary staffing after reports surfaced claiming temporary employees get injured more often than permanent workers. OSHA decided to look into the claims and determine if temporary employees are receiving proper safety training. Allegiance and other staffing agencies volunteered to be part of the education process and participate in the creation of best practices and guidelines. 

A recent article from Safety Daily Advisor reveals what OSHA is planning for 2014. Several decisions are on their way in an effort, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, to promote openness and transparency.

Among the final rulings planned for 2014 are two safety-related measures. OSHA plans to revise its occupational injury and illness recording and reporting requirements regarding how employers report any fatalities and injuries that require hospitalization. 

Also on the agenda is a ruling regarding slips and falls. OSHA’s final rule is awaiting action by the Office of Management and Budget “that will incorporate personal fall protection systems into the existing general industry rule for Walking and Working Surfaces that reflects new technologies.”

Other rules coming down the pike in 2014 include moving injury and illness record-keeping to an electronic system and new rules regarding cranes and derricks in construction along with a new injury and illness prevention plan. According to the Safety Daily Advisor article, “OSHA is shaping a proposed rule that would require employers to develop a formal program to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses through a systematic process that proactively addresses workplace safety and health hazards.” 


It’s important for staffing agencies to stay current on these OSHA rulings and adjust their training and safety programs. Your business customers will be looking to you for guidance on these new rulings and requirements and will expect to receive temporary employees who understand their role in workplace safety and injury prevention. 

We’ll continue to provide updates and insights on the forthcoming OSHA rulings so be sure to stay connected with our blog