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What Jobs Can I Get with a GED?

June 20, 2022 | Career Blog

If you’re working towards earning your GED (General Educational Development), you may be wondering, “Just what jobs can I get with a GED?” The answer is all kinds of high-quality jobs!

Companies everywhere are looking for talented, motivated employees, and many of these companies only require a GED. You can often find a job that pays well and also suits your skills and interests. Learn more about the opportunity to enter the workforce with a solid job.

Great Jobs to Look Into After Passing the GED

Before you start your job search, think about what you enjoy doing. What jobs sound fascinating or fun? Where do you think you would excel? What kind of job do you think you can apply your knowledge and education to? We’ll help you answer these questions by reviewing typical job options after you pass the GED exam.

1. Warehouse Clerk – median U.S. salary of $17/hour.

Consider getting started in the warehouse industry! This is a high-demand industry, as warehouses are springing up across the country to store goods and products. Warehouse clerks are often given a wide range of tasks and problems to solve, which helps to keep the job interesting and fast-paced.

  • Aid in shipping and receiving, including loading and unloading trucks.
  • Fulfill purchase orders.
  • Ensure the warehouse remains stocked with any necessary equipment.
  • Ensure the warehouse stays clean and organized.

2. Assembler – median U.S. salary of $15/hour.

Assembly is an excellent position for anyone who loves being creative or working with their hands, making it a good choice to consider after finishing your GED testing. Find out more about this entry-level position to get started in the automotive industry.

  • Help in fabrication, repair, and maintenance of products or machine parts.
  • Ensure the work area stays clean and organized.
  • Guarantee that assembly instructions are followed.
  • Ensure products meet safety and quality requirements.

3. File Clerk – median U.S. salary of $15/hour.

If you’re organized and thorough, a file clerk position might be a perfect fit for you. Clerical positions are constantly popping up all over the country for companies looking to hire individuals that can help with office tasks.

  • Find and deliver paper documents as necessary.
  • Organize or follow a filing system to make retrieving files simpler for everyone.
  • Organize incoming documents.
  • Aid in assisting companies switching from paper to electronic files and documents.

4. Forklift Operator – median U.S. salary of $18/hour.

When thinking ahead to what types of jobs you can find with a GED, a forklift operator may not have come to mind. But, this job is a great option because it usually only requires a GED to get started, then you can take additional training specific to forklift operations to help increase your marketability to employers.

  • Ensure safety standards are met, and machinery is operated with care.
  • Move products or equipment from place to place within the warehouse or worksite.
  • Help the company optimize efficiency by managing both inventory and loads.
  • Schedule any necessary maintenance or repairs.

5. Welder – median U.S. salary of $23/hour.

Many welding positions are open to those with only a GED, and the job comes with a high average salary compared to other options on our list.

  • Assemble or repair metal components.
  • Maintain safety standards while maximizing efficiency.
  • Review blueprints and make necessary suggestions or adjustments.
  • Manage and maintain heavy machinery.

6. Shipping/Receiving Coordinator – median U.S. salary of $15/hour.

Often fast-paced and exciting, a shipping/receiving coordinator position often only requires a GED or high school diploma to get started.

  • Oversee shipments and deliveries to and from the warehouse or business.
  • Organize packing materials and ensure goods are delivered properly.
  • Organize all incoming materials and input them into the correct filing locations and systems.
  • Help to ensure that inventory stays up to date.

7. Medical Biller – median U.S. salary of $18/hour.

Medical billers make an excellent salary and are in demand all across the United States.

  • Monitor any billing issues to make sure that payments are processed accurately.
  • Follow up on and resolve any issues, so the company receives proper payment.
  • Use various websites to verify patients’ information.
  • Report any claim rejections, variances, or issues to the company.

8. Receptionist – median U.S. salary of $14/hour.

Because it requires many different skills, a reception position can lead to a wide range of other job opportunities as you advance in your career.

  • Answer phones, take messages, and schedule appointments as needed.
  • Greet employees, customers, or clients and assist or direct them as needed.
  • Act as a liaison between the company, vendors, clients, and customers.
  • Aid in basic office tasks.

9. Cafeteria Staff – median U.S. salary of $11/hour.

Working in a cafeteria position is an excellent way to step into the foodservice or hospitality industries. Taking this initial step may lead to other cooking or wait staffing positions.

  • Receive, make, and serve customer orders.
  • Stock supplies and ensure that inventory stays up to date.
  • Ensure the cafeteria, including the kitchen and eating areas, stay clean and presentable.
  • Answer any questions about foods or meal options.
  • Work with the company to create strategies for efficiency, sales, and better customer satisfaction.

10. Quality Control Technician – median U.S. salary of $18/hour.

Quality control technician positions are a fantastic option for anyone with a general education diploma who is detail-oriented and wants to enter into the manufacturing industry.

  • Inspect and test both raw materials and finished products.
  • Ensure finished products meet all levels of quality and safety.
  • Record and analyze the results of testing processes.
  • Work with other staff members during the development and production of products.

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