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Workplace Safety During The Colder Months | Allegiance

September 4, 2017 | Staffing Blog

Seasonal Safety Issues

There are certain workplace safety topics that are relevant all year. Other workplace safety issues are specific to the winter months. Climates vary, and some employers will have to address these workplace safety issues for large portions of the year.

Winter Workplace Safety In Different Industries

Winter workplace safety is something that all businesses have to think about, but it’s more of an issue in certain industries. Industries that involve outdoor labor and heavy driving will be strongly affected by the onset of winter.

However, even when employees work indoors exclusively, new safety hazards present themselves in the winter. Some employees will experience slip and fall accidents just as a result of walking into the workplace as a result of poorly managed icy conditions outside. Employees who take long commutes may be more likely to experience accidents as a result of the chaotic winter weather conditions.

There are also winter workplace hazards that are indirectly related to the season. For instance, employees are much more likely to get sick in the winter. If they come to work while sick, they can easily pass their contagious cold and flu symptoms to other employees, harming people and reducing the productivity of an entire department.

Addressing Workplace Safety

Employers can get rid of the ice in their parking lots in order to make them safer. They can help provide appropriate safety equipment for their employees in applicable situations. Employers cannot address seasonal workplace safety issues by ignoring them and pretending that work can always continue in the normal manner.

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