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4 Body Language Do’s for Job Interviews | Allegiance

August 28, 2017 | Career Blog

When doing job interviews, it’s important that your body language conveys the message you want to convey. You want to give a great first impression of a confident and successful person. Here are some do’s when it comes to job interviews and body language.

Walk In and Out With Confidence

When you walk in, walk in confidently, smoothly and with a straight posture. Do the same when you go out. Greet people you meet, especially people who are in management and who will have a say in the hiring decision.

Shake Their Hand Firmly

Shake the hand of the person who is interviewing you. Giving a limp handshake will give off bad vibes. Give a firm and confident handshake. Don’t be too hard, though; you don’t want to crush their fingers.


Smile at people you meet and at the interviewer. It will make you more relaxed and will give off a favorable impression. Don’t have an overly serious facial expression, as you can come across as being in a bad mood or depressed. On the other hand, smiling too much can make you look foolish and not serious. It’s important that you find the right balance.

Lean In

While you should sit up straight in your chair and not slouch, it’s important that you lean slightly forward occasionally during your interview. This shows that you are attentive to what the interviewer is saying. Leaning in too much, though, isn’t a good idea either.

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