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Workplace Safety: Key to Maintaining Skilled, Productive Staff and Success

February 17, 2016 | Staffing Blog

As you build your business and search out top-notch employees, remember that workplace safety is key to maintaining a successful work force. Whether manufacturing, filing, or serving others, workers can do their jobs more effectively when they know their safety is protected as much as possible.

Workplace safety also helps employee’s develop an over-all sense of well-being, creating a job site attitude conducive to productivity. Knowing that the employer cares enough to create a hazard-free environment, the staff can concentrate on carrying out the company’s business.

Meeting and exceeding OSHA standards for safety also implies that employees may reasonably expect to maintain their health and fitness so that they can work. Injuries may result in time-off or possibly leaving the job, raising your employee turn-over rate.

Besides keeping the staff happy and productivity up, maintaining workplace safety is the cost-effective thing to do. Medical fees, court costs, and workman’s comp can add up quickly. New employees require some training time to build their knowledge of the job. Until they gain confidence with the tasks, their productivity will lag, and the trainer’s time will be consumed with that task too, before she can return to her normal duties.

Investing in safety will help your company maintain an effective work force. It will build your reputation as a good employer that people feel good supporting with their labor and it avoids dumping money into the costly consequences of workplace injuries.

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