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Your #1 Call Center Temp Agency

March 28, 2022 | Staffing Blog

Are you a call center manager/supervisor? Or, are you an HR leader responsible for filling key roles in your call center with qualified talent?

We know that finding the right person for each key role can be challenging. That’s why you should consider working with a staffing agency such as Allegiance Staffing to provide you with the right talent for the job.

By working with our leading call center temp agency, you will be able to reduce unwanted turnover, improve productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and support your company’s business goals.

Challenges We Address As a Call Center Temp Agency

What are your primary talent challenges in the call center? Consider how we can come alongside your company to help solve these common challenges in the industry.

1. Turnover

One of the most difficult challenges for any call center is turnover. We recognize that it’s extremely challenging to find and keep the right talent. According to the latest research, turnover is averaging between 30-45% of employees.

Plus, there are many costs associated with turnover that can negatively impact the business:

  • The sunk cost of time and resources spent on a new hire who leaves the company
  • The financial cost of approximately $4,000/person to hire a new call center employee
  • The wasted cost of time that supervisors spent training new employees

There are other hidden costs that can impact the health of your company:

  • Lost productivity and inefficiencies due to constant roster turnover
  • Missed opportunities to increase sales through a poor customer experience
  • Loss of reputation in the market due to dissatisfied customers

– Allegiance Solution: Our goal is to help identify the root cause of unwanted turnover in your call center. It could be any number of reasons. We want to identify the cause so that we can strategically identify a labor solution that will help reduce turnover and increase productivity.

2. Recruitment

Turnover often starts at the beginning of the process. If you recruit the wrong people, you will end up with a high turnover rate.

We recognize that the talent pool is limited, though. There simply aren’t enough qualified professionals with the right experience, people skills, patience, and desire to help solve problems for customers.

This is why it’s important to work with a staffing agency that can help you identify and place the right talent in each role.

– Allegiance Solution: After identifying the cause of turnover, we will work with your team to implement the best recruiting and hiring approach. Perhaps you are not sending out the right message to the market to attract candidates. Or, once you bring candidates into the recruiting process, you are not selecting the right individuals to hire.

Through our 3-Phase Hiring Process, we’ll collaboratively work with your team to place high-character, qualified individuals into roles that need to be filled. This process will save you time and money by reducing the number of hours required to recruit talent while also driving toward a reduction in turnover.

3. Training

One of the leading causes of turnover in a call center environment is a lack of training, especially in how to handle stressful situations when interacting with customers.

Many call center representatives come into the role with a desire to help people. But, reps often become demoralized if they constantly encounter problematic situations attempting to support customers.

Then, from a managerial perspective, it’s difficult for any HR professional or call center supervisor to continue to stay engaged in the process of training new recruits when there is a strong likelihood that a new hire will not remain employed.

The combination of discouraged reps and worn-out supervisors can lead to struggles supporting the fundamental purpose of a call center to help customers.

– Allegiance Solution: We will work with your company to provide specific training to the talent that we place into your roles. This will complement the general training that we provide to all talent. Through our proven approach, we’ll ensure that call center reps are well-equipped for the job, helping alleviate the administrative burden from your team.

We are highly confident in our approach, which is supported by the results. 99% of our employees are asked to return to their initial assignments. This is what separates our company as a leading call center temp agency.

Work With Allegiance Staffing to Fill Call Center Roles

We can help elevate the performance and quality of your call center by ensuring you have the right people for the job. Let’s talk about the people challenges you face daily so that we can develop a solution that fits your need.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our call center temp agency. Our expert team would appreciate the opportunity to support the talent needs of your call center.