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5 Automotive Manufacturing Jobs and Their Responsibilities

March 21, 2022 | Career Blog

Professionals that possess specialized experience in an automotive manufacturing environment are incredibly valuable to companies in the industry. Right now, companies are seeking qualified assemblers, manufacturers, engineers, and other professionals to support their various automotive manufacturing needs.

If you are highly trained and motivated to perform in the automotive industry, you should consider applying for roles that companies are looking to fill. Let’s review some of the most in-demand automotive manufacturing jobs that might fit your qualifications and experience.

Automotive Manufacturing Jobs to Consider in Your Area

Find the right type of job for you by considering the responsibilities of these five automotive manufacturing jobs.

1. Automotive Assembler

U.S. Median Pay: $18-30/hour or approximately $30,000-52,000 annual salary. There is a wide gap in pay based on experience, size of the company, region, and other factors.


  • Operate machines that assemble individual vehicle components
  • Review parts list to ensure availability of all required components
  • Follow detailed instructions to complete the assembly
  • Use tools such as rulers and calipers
  • Understand drawings and schematics
  • Lift heavy boxes and other bulky materials
  • Communicate with other members of the team to ensure proper assembly

2. Manufacturing Maintenance Technician

U.S. Median Pay: $20-25/hour or approximately $45,000-50,000 annual salary. Some companies pay higher than the range to attract more qualified candidates, especially if the company’s automotive manufacturing facility is located in an area with a high cost of living.


  • Provide technical support for each manufacturing area
  • Ensure that manufacturing equipment is properly maintained
  • Support the cleanliness of the facility to ensure efficiency and help prevent downtime
  • Follow the preventive maintenance schedule and procedures for equipment
  • Maintain service records that can be accessed by management
  • Perform fault diagnosis and repair equipment as needed
  • Report low inventory levels to ensure that parts are readily available

3. Automotive Manufacturer

U.S. Median Pay: Approximately $75,000 annual salary depending on experience, U.S. region, and other factors.


  • Utilize design specs to manufacture parts
  • Follow production work instructions
  • Meet high standards for safety and quality
  • Interact with other team members to stay on schedule
  • Limit scrap and re-work to support the business
  • Support continuous improvement in a manufacturing environment

4. Automotive Manufacturing Engineer

U.S. Median Pay: Approximately $78,000 annual salary. Some automotive engineers can earn around $100,000 with the right experience and skills.


  • Oversee the automotive manufacturing process
  • Identify problems in the manufacturing environment before work begins
  • Work with external partners to acquire the appropriate materials for manufacturing
  • Collaborate with the product design team to support machining and assembly feasibility
  • Implement processes that align with Lean Manufacturing principles
  • Track progress of manufacturing activity and report results to management

5. Automotive Trainer

U.S. Median Pay: Approximately $60,000-85,000 annual salary. There is a wide salary range for automotive trainers/instructors. Some of the factors include prior experience prior to becoming an instructor, the amount of responsibility placed on the instructor to execute a training program, the size of the company, and more.


  • Apply automotive manufacturing expertise to the training of new employees
  • Develop a training program that reflects the latest best practices and standards
  • Coordinate with management the implementation of a training program
  • Establish benchmarks for what trainees should learn during their training
  • Ensure that new hires are proficient in key aspects of automotive manufacturing

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