Professional maintains a positive attitude at work in his work environment.

Tips for Keeping a Positive Attitude at Work

Without a positive attitude, getting work done is a lot more challenging than it should be. There are many things that can contribute to a poor attitude, and many of those things are outside factors that can feel uncontrollable.  HR professionals and business owners are paying attention to their employees’ mental health more than ever […]

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Delivery driver performing duties during his graveyard shift job

4 Graveyard Shift Jobs that Won’t Put You to Sleep

Even if you consider yourself a “night owl”, it’s still important that you’re getting a healthy amount of sleep on a regular basis. People are needed for graveyard shift jobs, and they’re expected to be able to work them without falling asleep or getting ill.  If you’re interested in overnight work, it’s 100% possible. Just […]

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Find a forklift job near you and grow your career

How to Become a Forklift Operator (And Start a Great Career!)

A forklift operator is generally responsible for moving large items around warehouses, factories, construction sites, and storage yards. Though it’s a great opportunity for people with little job experience, it does require some training and certification so you can safely operate the forklift. Once you complete the pre-qualifications, you’ll be all set to apply for […]

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Man contemplating challenges of working overnight looking for tips to adapt

Tips for Adapting to Working Overnight

For many, the typical workday lands somewhere between the hours of 6 am and 6 pm. However, millions of individuals are working hours that are referred to as “graveyard shifts” between midnight and 8 am. If you have been working “regular” workdays your whole life, working overnight may seem odd. Not everyone feels that way, […]

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Do manufacturing jobs pay well? These manufacturing workers grew in their career

Do Manufacturing Jobs Pay Well?

In 2018, the Center for Manufacturing Research of The Manufacturing Institute found that the average manufacturing worker in the United States made $87,185 a year with pay and benefits. So the general answer is yes, manufacturing jobs do pay well! Furthermore, that is only the average – and with the right contributing factors, you could […]

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Warehouse worker takes advantage of available second chance jobs on his career path

How to Find the Second Chance Jobs That Pay the Bills

Life is a long winding road and a lot can change throughout the journey. Though things may get messy and you may have headed down a rough path, it’s important to know that second chance jobs are out there. There are actually specific organizations and businesses that focus on finding jobs for people who have […]

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Young man and woman working the front desk at a hotel

How to Describe a Front Desk Job on a Resume

If you are looking for a new hospitality position and are wondering how to describe a front desk job on a resume, you have come to the right place. Building a resume isn’t rocket science, but it does require a little strategic thinking. The information that you include on your resume plays a major role […]

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Felon in the job application process by allegiance staffing.

How to Get Hired by Temp Agencies that Hire Felons

It’s no secret that getting a job as a convicted felon is challenging. If you don’t have a case worker to give you advice or help you get on a path, it can feel nearly impossible. Sound like a familiar situation? Don’t give up hope, there are solutions out there for you. In fact, we […]

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Young man working in an overnight job by allegiance staffing a leading staffing agency in houston, texas.

9 Overnight Jobs That Are Worth Staying Up For

Overnight or third shift jobs are great for night owls or those who have other pressing responsibilities during the day. Though working the late shift is not for everyone, more than 2 million Americans enjoy this type of work, saying they actually work better at night. This is especially the case if the job is […]

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