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Is a Temp to Hire Position Right for Your Career Path?

March 4, 2024 | Career Blog

Whether you’re exploring a career change, seeking seasonal work, or searching for a job, you might be considering what type of work you should pursue. Fortunately, there are available temporary options that might offer flexibility for you during this transitional time. 

Temporary positions are commonly referred to as “temp” work. Temp to hire work provides individuals with short-term or flexible work. And temp agencies such as Allegiance Staffing are liaisons for finding and hiring temporary talent.

In a temp to hire position, you can showcase your value to the company where you are placed, and your temp position might turn into a more permanent role. Oftentimes, if a temp employee is a stellar addition to the team, the company will elect to bring them on full-time.

Find out more about temporary job opportunities and working with Allegiance Staffing. Our team is dedicated to helping job-seekers like you connect with a great temp to hire role.

7 Benefits of Temp to Hire Positions

Does temp to hire pique your interest? Let’s review the reasons temp to hire work might be the right fit for you in your next career chapter.

1. A Chance To Try

Job searching is tough in today’s market. Many job searchers have experience and a work ethic but struggle to score the jobs. Temp to hire positions are more open to taking a chance and allowing talent to try out for a role.

There is a wide array of temp positions available, and companies need qualified individuals ready to work to fill them. If you’re looking for the chance to get your foot in the door, consider going for this temporary option.

2. Making An Income

Life doesn’t stop. If you are looking for a steady stream of income, temp work provides that. A temp agency’s hiring process moves a bit faster than the typical hiring processes directly through companies, providing you with faster access to job opportunities.

With faster hiring and placement, you can start earning money to support yourself while figuring out your permanent job – or hoping that a temporary job turns into permanent work.

3. Needing To Gain Experience

Maybe your resume isn’t as robust as the other job seekers. Temp to hire positions place you on the job where you can gain valuable industry experience. The hard and soft skills acquired at a temp to hire position will help give your résumé a competitive edge.

4. Wanting To Change Careers

Perhaps you are considering shifting into a new field or taking a new career path. Temp to hire offers flexibility for talent to gain experience, providing a gateway to a new career vertical.

With the low-commitment nature of temp to hire work, this employment option will also give you a peek into a job’s day-to-day life. It’s like a test to see if this is the right direction for you before pursuing full-time employment.

5. Seeking Networking Opportunities

While on a temp to hire job, you will be surrounded by team members who have considerable experience in the industry. By working with the right people, you can build a strong rapport and get to know them authentically, which could lead to job recommendations or referrals.

A temp to hire position will undoubtedly grow your network, which can give you some momentum as you pursue your career goals.

6. Avoiding Gaps In Resume

During the full-time hiring process, some companies are weary of hiring individuals with significant gaps in their resumes over a prolonged period of time.

Holding a temporary job helps fill in those gaps on your resume by showing that you gained new experience and stayed active while pursuing new work.

7. Requiring Flexibility

Temp to hire roles come with built-in flexibility. Maybe you aren’t ready to settle down at a company long-term, or your schedule only allows for atypical hours.

Temp agencies understand your unique needs and situation to find a placement that works. You can find temp positions for different shifts and times that fit your individual circumstances.

Take the Next Steps To Learn More About a Temp to Hire Position

Temp to hire work can be a stepping stone to opportunities. If you’re ready to take the leap, visit Allegiance Staffing’s website to browse available positions right now.

Find the job you need during this career stage by working with our expert team. We are ready to help you in your career journey by matching your transferable experience and work capabilities with fulfilling jobs.
Ready to get started? A temp to hire position can launch you into a new career. Contact Allegiance Staffing today to learn more about how we can support you.