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4 Graveyard Shift Jobs that Won’t Put You to Sleep

May 25, 2021 | Career Blog

Even if you consider yourself a “night owl”, it’s still important that you’re getting a healthy amount of sleep on a regular basis. People are needed for graveyard shift jobs, and they’re expected to be able to work them without falling asleep or getting ill. 

If you’re interested in overnight work, it’s 100% possible. Just make sure the job is the right fit for you, and you are able to make the necessary adjustments in your daily life to accommodate it. Here are the graveyard shift jobs that won’t put you to sleep and a few more tips for approaching overnight work.

Graveyard Shift Jobs to Consider & Why

There are all different kinds of jobs that include graveyard shifts. These jobs are often appealing to people because they:

  • Need the daytime hours to take care of a loved one or go to school.
  • Are trying to make extra money.
  • Need a job, and the graveyard shifts are the only ones available.
  • Simply prefer working at night.

No matter the case, you want to make sure that you aren’t falling asleep on the job. Certain overnight shift jobs are more active, making it less possible to doze off. 

Here are four overnight jobs we know about and highly recommend:

1. Bartender

As long as the bar or restaurant you work at is a busy one, being a bartender can be an incredibly energizing and lucrative job. There is a lot to keep track of on a bar shift, and customers expect to receive service quickly and efficiently. This fast-paced, high-energy environment will keep you moving and awake during your shift and ready to hit the hay once it’s over.

2. Dealer

Similar to bartending, this job will keep you awake as long as you have the customers to serve. If you want to be an awake and present dealer, make sure the casinos you’re applying to are poppin’, so you don’t find yourself standing at a table bored. 

3. Delivery Driver

You will stay awake during this job because you have to! Since driving a vehicle requires your full attention, you have no choice but to be awake and alert. However, if you are concerned about getting sleepy behind the wheel, make sure you’re getting sufficient rest before you start your shift, so you are not putting yourself and others in danger.

4. Warehouse & Manufacturing Workers

There are quite a few warehouse and manufacturing positions that include overnight hours. These shifts may pay more than daytime to increase their appeal. Warehouse and construction work requires focus and attention to detail, so it is imperative that workers are alert during their shifts. This work will keep you engaged but can also be risky if you don’t get enough rest during your off-time.

Staying Awake During Your Shift

Some graveyard shifts don’t require a lot of activity, putting you in the position where you’re sitting still for long periods of time at a time of night you’re used to being in bed. On the flip side, the job may require activity, but if you don’t prepare yourself, you could still get tired and have difficulty remaining alert. 

Make sure you’re staying awake and safe during graveyard shifts by:

  • Consuming caffeine in moderation. Don’t drink it all at once or you will crash before your shift is over.
  • Continuing to move. Quick walks or jogs around the job site can give you a new burst of energy. 
  • Only eating energizing snacks and meals during your shift. Avoid foods that will slow you down or make you tired.
  • Taking naps on your breaks, no more than 10-20 minutes.
  • Remaining cautious and honest with yourself. Make sure to find someone to cover your shift if you do not believe you will be able to stay awake and your safety is at risk.
  • Getting enough sleep before you come into your shift. The main key is keeping things balanced. Pre-plan for your overnight shift by adjusting your sleep patterns accordingly.

Find Graveyard Shift Jobs

As a staffing agency that specifically works with the warehouse and hospitality industries, we are responsible for staffing a lot of graveyard shift jobs. If you’re looking to try this kind of work, we can easily help you find it! We will also give you insight on what the workday would look like and how best to approach sleep patterns, so you’re staying safe & productive on the job. 

Give us a call today to learn more.