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5 More Tips for Workplace Safety

June 16, 2015 | Staffing Blog

Having a safe work environment does not happen without putting a little work into it. Instead, a safe work environment only appears when safety is a high priority. Workplace safety is something that is most beneficial when it is planned and coordinated by both managers and employees. Because of this, we have listed the top 5 tips for workplace safety below.

1.   Design and Maintain a Safe Work Area

In order to have a safe work area, it is important to place one into the original design of the office. Some of the best ways to have a safe environment is by placing focus on where machines are placed and positioned and how materials are staged. Along with this, it is important that these work areas are kept clean and uncluttered as well.

2.   Have Clear Instructions

All positions should have clear written instructions regarding the process that the employee should go through to complete their job. This is important because it will eliminate any confusion that may surface and cause accidents to happen.

3.   Have Regular Safety Planning Efforts

In order to keep your employees safe, proper training is important. Completing training on a regular basis is the best option in this situation. Businesses should also work to include employees in the safety planning process. This will help to determine specific areas that need more focus than others.

4.   Encourage Your Employees to Speak up

There are times when safety concerns can go unnoticed by management. For these instances, it is important that employees feel comfortable enough to speak up about their concerns. Having a designated way that employees can report safety concerns can help make the workplace even safer than before.

5.   Maintain Equipment

Since it is usually malfunctions that cause injuries to occur, it is important that businesses maintain a good working order on all of their machinery. Having a routine maintenance schedule in place will allow businesses to determine when equipment needs to be repaired or replaced in order to create a safe work environment.

Keeping employees safe is one of the most important items that business leaders can focus on. This will allow them to save money that would normally be spent for injury related issues. In order to learn more about what you can do to prevent injuries and to create a safe workplace, please contact us today.