Back to Blogs 6 Rules for Workplace Safety During National Safety Month

6 Rules For Workplace Safety

June 8, 2015 | Staffing Blog

Since June is National Safety Month, we wanted to talk about 6 basic workplace safety rules that help keep everyone safe no matter where they work. Making sure that your employees know and follow these rules can help reduce injuries.

  1. Don’t Cut Corners – Don’t try to use shortcuts for any reason. These rules and regulations are in place for a reason. Make sure employees are aware that there will be serious consequences if they are caught doing so.
  2. Think Of Yourself and Others – You are responsible for not only your safety but that of your coworkers. Make sure that employees know how their unsafe decisions can affect their coworkers.
  3. Only Do What You Are Trained to Do – Trying to use machinery or do a job that you are not trained for is not only unsafe for you but for those around you. Supervisors should be aware of who is trained for a job, and immediately stop employees if they are working outside their training.
  4. Use The Right Tools and Equipment For The Job – Make sure that you are using the correct equipment to do the job. Be sure that the tools and equipment they need are provided.
  5. Use Personal Protective Equipment – Using PPEs can significantly reduce injuries and make sure that the right PPEs are provided to employees.
  6. Keep Your Work Area Clean – Making sure that spills are cleaned up and thins are picked up helps avoid trips and slips. All employees should be trained to keep their area clean, and to make sure other areas are clean as well.

But the number one thing that everyone should remember is that ALL accidents are preventable. By following the basic safety rules and having a properly trained staff that follows these rules accidents can be prevented.

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