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Understanding OSHA Violations and Penalties

June 22, 2015 | Staffing Blog

OSHA is the agency overseeing safety in the workplace. Their primary goal is to protect employees from physical harm. Violations can result in devastating effects for employers. It is important to understand OSHA compliance and safety regulations. This starts with a comprehension of the various types of violations and associated penalties.

Types of Violations

.Serious violation: This is a hazard that could cause death or severe injury to employees. Furthermore, it is something obvious enough that the employer should have known about, implying a level of negligence. This type of infringement comes with a monetary penalty of up to $7000 per violation.

.Other than serious violation: This refers to health and safety problems in the workplace that would not likely cause death or grave injury to employees. This can also lead to a fee of up to $7000, but can be adjusted down if the employer demonstrates sufficient effort to correct the issue.

.Willful violation: This occurs when an employer absolutely knows about an endangerment yet does not make an effort to correct it. The awareness of the laws and choice to ignore them, leads to a willful violation which carries a financial punishment of up to $5000 per violation.

.Repeat violation: When an employer has defiled a rule or regulation and failed to remedy the problem upon re-inspection, it is considered a repeat violation. The second transgression must be significantly similar to the first in order for it to fall into this category. The fine for this type of matter is up to $5000 per violation.

Additionally, failure to abate a previous violation can lead to a charge of up to $7000 per day. This can be a disastrous financial blow to businesses. It is crucial to comply with OSHA rules and regulations. First, for the health and well-being of employees, but also for the fiscal stability of the employer. Noncompliance is simply not worth the risk.

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