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7 Characteristics of the Best Temporary Staffing Agencies

December 24, 2019 | Staffing Blog

Finding the right temporary staffing agency to provide quality talent for your company is no small feat. It’s not just about filling a spot to help your company be more productive. You need to make sure the talent fits your team culture, addresses a real need, and helps your business grow.

A temporary staffing agency should understand your company’s specific situation to provide the best talent for the job — at the time you need it filled. Otherwise, there isn’t much value to the relationship.

To find the most value from the relationship, you need to evaluate the characteristics of staffing agencies you work with or would like to work with. Make sure any partner you select meets the following criteria.

The Characteristics of the Ideal Temporary Staffing Agency

1. Supplies quality talent. Does the staffing agency have access to a quality talent pool? At Allegiance Staffing, we built a Talent Network that includes vetted, qualified candidates. Make sure any staffing agency you work with can prove the validity of their talent pool.

2. Understands your need. Does the staffing agency understand your actual need? If you say you have X issue and the staffing agency provides Y solution, this is not a productive relationship. Make sure the staffing agency actually understands the challenge your company is facing and understands how they can fulfill the need with talent.

3. Trustworthy. Does the staffing agency do what they say they are going to do? A staffing agency should be able to back up their promises and provide quality talent when they say they are going to provide the talent.

4. Ethical. Can the staffing agency prove their ethics and values? One of the hallmarks of an ethical staffing agency is membership to the American Staffing Association (ASA). ASA members, such as Allegiance Staffing, pledge to adhere to a code of universal ethics and best practices for the industry.

5. Flexible. Is the staffing agency flexible to unanticipated or emerging needs? If your company wins a project or gains a new customer that increases production requirements, the staffing agency should be able to adapt to your new operating reality to provide qualified talent.

6. Responsive. How important is communication to your company? For most companies, the answer is “very important!” It should also be very important to the staffing agency you work with. Make sure the staffing agency you work with is responsive to your latest needs and displays strong communication.

7. Cost effective. What’s the value you expect to receive from the working relationship with the staffing agency? Sometimes, this isn’t measured by dollars and cents, but when you boil down the value of the relationship, you should be able to see whether you are receiving a positive ROI on your investment in a temporary staffing solution.

Consider Our Award-Winning Staffing Agency

Are you ready to work with an award-winning staffing agency that cares about each of these characteristics? We are proud of our ability to build relationships with companies to provide quality talent that addresses real labor needs.

To discuss your company’s need for a labor solution, contact our company today. We would appreciate the opportunity to explain why we are one of the best temporary staffing agencies in the industry at helping companies grow through quality labor.