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Going Beyond OSHA Compliance | Allegiance

June 5, 2017 | Staffing Blog

Just about every organization recognizes the value of protecting their employees from harm and that any violation of workplace safety and health standards come with a form of criminal or civil penalties. However, in today’s dynamic political landscape staying OSHA compliant is becoming a daunting task for most organizations.

As such, many businesses claim that safety and health rules are overly hard and complicated to understand. With numerous small-medium sized companies realizing that ignorance is not bliss and what you do not know can hurt you. In a bid to avoid getting slapped with a penalty that you would have otherwise avoided, here are some of the key ways to remain OSHA compliant in this dynamic political landscape.

Mock OSHA Inspection

Federal OSHA inspectors show up at your organization unannounced and more often than not catch you unawares and end up failing the assessment. With our OSHA compliance solution, our consultants will conduct an actual OSHA style inspection accurately assessing the level of compliance in your organization. We organize inspections in such a way that they were never announced and expected by your organization, helping your organization stay OSHA compliant at all time.

OSHA Safety Compliance Resources and Tools

Allegiance Staffing provides a comprehensive workplace safety compliance analysis for your organization. You also get an extensive compliance tool providing multiple guidance sample plans, forms, checklists, and documents for all the key compliance topics. Our very knowledgeable and experienced team of editors adds new OSHA compliance resources as they develop. If you require an effective OSHA compliance solution, contact us today for more information.

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