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How to Streamline Staffing and Outsourcing for Your Company

May 23, 2022 | Staffing Blog

The workforce has undergone a seismic shift. Talent can perform their duties remotely at home (versus in a workplace setting) in many industries without sacrificing productivity. And, if the work can be performed virtually anywhere, this has created many opportunities to outsource duties to contractors or freelancers rather than increasing employee headcount.

The shift has caused many companies to re-evaluate their pursuit of full-time employees and talent acquisition practices. Now, employers can cost-effectively build a mix of talent through remote staffing.

To make sure you have the right people in the right roles, you need a solution to streamline your staffing and outsourcing needs. Evaluating your hiring process will ensure that your company can maintain productivity – no matter where the work is performed or who is performing the work.

Where to Start with Evaluating Staffing and Outsourcing Needs

There needs to be a starting point for determining the right balance of full-time employees versus outsourced contractors to support the work that needs to be done. Focus on business operations and evaluate the company’s direction to help you identify your talent needs.

  • Where are we going as a company?
  • How have our business objectives changed since the pandemic?
  • Where is production strong?
  • Where is production lacking?
  • Are our full-time employees productive working from home?
  • For what roles do I need to find top talent that is best-suited for full-time employment?
  • For what roles can we increase productivity by outsourcing specific work?

By asking these questions, you can start thinking about your staffing and recruitment needs for full-time employees to enhance your in-house team that is working remotely. You can also start thinking about the most cost-effective means of finding outside resources to fill production gaps.

Support Your Staffing Needs

As you go through the recruitment process for full-time employees in the new business environment, consider setting some parameters for what you are looking for.

  • Which roles have the flexibility to be work-from-home, full-time positions?
  • Conversely, which roles are best suited for a shared work environment where a new hire will be expected to perform duties in-person with other employees?

As you look through the talent pool of available workers to fill certain roles, be sure to keep a broad perspective. For example, you don’t want to be too narrow right away where you eliminate quality talent who, on the surface, might not be a good fit for an in-person role. This person could be willing to re-locate or might already be in the process of re-locating.

Stay broad at first, then zero in on the right talent that fits within your parameters. You’ll find more success filling roles for both your remote team and the in-person team of full-time employees by initially casting a wide net.

Support Your Outsourcing Needs

The beauty of outsourcing is that you can find specific individuals to perform specific duties. Perhaps you need to take some responsibility off the plate of a full-time employee to free them up for more valuable duties. Or, your company is prioritizing a specific project that requires talent with a unique skillset and experience.

You don’t want to bring these individuals on board as full-time employees, but they can fill a key role providing their services for a contracted number of hours per week or month to support productivity.

The key to building strong outsource teams is to find ways to integrate these individuals into the workflow of your full-time employees:

  • Encourage managers to set up virtual meetings between employees and contractors.
  • Incorporate outsourced talent into your workflow, communication platform, and/or task management system.
  • Share contact information between both sides to encourage communication.

By bringing together employees and outside resources, you can streamline activity and foster better working relationships. Whether your talent is working on-site or remotely, there are ways to bridge gaps and create more trust between everyone to get the job done.

Work With Allegiance to Streamline Staffing and Outsourcing

We recognize that business owners and HR leaders have a lot on their plate managing talent and trying to find the right mix of workers to achieve efficiencies. That’s why we recommend outsourcing your recruitment of talent to a staffing agency such as Allegiance Staffing.

We are confident that we can support your company because of our commitment to effective staffing practices. We don’t just provide you with talent; we aim to understand your operating reality and then find ways to support the business need by providing you with access to high-quality talent.

In today’s world of remote work vs. in-person work and full-time vs. contract work, you need a partner that will help you identify the right mix of talent to plug into key roles. We can help you establish best practices so that you continuously find the right person for the job, reduce costs, and support the bottom line.

Contact Allegiance Staffing today to streamline staffing and outsourcing. Let’s identify a solution that works for your company!