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What to Expect: Warehouse Picker Packer Job Description

May 16, 2022 | Career Blog

Warehouses, storage locations, and distribution centers (DCs) are springing up across the country as companies look to manage their inventory better and re-think their supply chains. This has created numerous warehouse jobs.

One of the most interesting jobs is a warehouse picker packer. Yes, it sounds funny, doesn’t it? But, we think it’s worth looking into the warehouse picker packer job description to determine whether this job opportunity is right for you.

What is a Warehouse Picker Packer?

Let’s break down the job description in three ways so that you know what to expect from the role:

  • Warehouse: The primary location of the work will be in the warehouse.
  • Picker: The primary action is to pick or select goods from specific locations in the warehouse.
  • Packer: The secondary action is to pack the selected goods for transport to another location.

Within the picker and packer duties are some specific responsibilities that you will see in a typical job description for this role.

Picker Duties

  • Pull materials from bins, boxes, or other storage units in the warehouse.
  • Use technology to identify the correct goods to remove from their location.
  • Transfer the selected goods to a separate location using a forklift or by hand (depending on the weight, bulkiness, and amount of the selected items).
  • Unload the materials at a separate location.
  • Record that the materials have been removed from their original location.

Packer Duties

  • Consolidate the picked goods into a package-ready state by following the appropriate instructions.
  • Assemble the selected goods into a box or other storage unit for transfer to the next location.
  • Load the assembled goods onto a truck or other transportation vehicle using a forklift or by hand.
  • Update the status of the goods that were picked and picked.
  • Finalize the appropriate documents for shipment.

While performing both picker and packer duties, you will need to adhere to safety and training guidelines provided by the employer. You will also need to maintain a clean workspace to support the safety of everyone in the warehouse.

If there is a safety or health issue, you will be responsible for reporting any safety-related concerns such as injuries, hazards, or unsafe conditions. This will help your employer satisfy OSHA workplace requirements.

Qualifications for a Warehouse Picker Packer

You may be wondering if you are a good fit for the warehouse picker packer job description. Let’s examine some of the most common qualifications that employers look for in this role:

  • Education minimum: High School diploma, GED, or equivalent
  • Experience: Prior experience in the warehouse helps, but some employers do not require any prior experience
  • Communication: Strong communication skills to understand requests, fulfill orders, and alert managers of any issues
  • Technology: Use warehouse computer software, scanners, and/or other technology to record activity
  • Fitness: Must be able to lift 35-50 pounds at one time and stand/move for long periods
  • Forklift training: Some employers may require you to have forklift training, especially in larger warehouses where you will be transporting picked goods to a separate location

We believe this is a great job for recent high school graduates or individuals looking to transition to a new career in a warehouse setting.

Industries That Need Warehouse Picker Packers

There are many industries that have specific warehouse picker packer needs. Consider this sample of industries where companies are constantly hiring for the warehouse:

  • Distribution: maintain the flow of stocked and delivered inventory
  • Manufacturing: move manufactured goods from the warehouse to customers
  • Food & Beverage: support Inventory and Spoilage Management
  • Textiles: carefully manage delicate fabrics and other materials for delivery to customers
  • Retail & Ecomm: help fulfill customer orders by quickly picking and packing purchased items

Companies within these industries need hard-working, qualified talent to fulfill picker packer roles in the warehouse. We work with leading companies across the U.S. to help workers just like you access great jobs.

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