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It’s Not Too Early To Start Summer Seasonal Staffing | Allegiance Staffing

February 6, 2017 | Staffing Blog

Thinking about seasonal staffing for the summer season might sound funny when snow is falling and the temperatures are below freezing, but now is the time to start preparing for hiring between June – August. Summer is the time of year you want to start looking soonest for seasonal help, when work picks up and many of your regular employees are wanting to go on vacation. Here’s why you should start planning and preparing now to have a great seasonal workforce by June:

1. Recruit the top young talent. Many people looking for seasonal jobs during the summer will be young students on summer break, looking to get career experience. Deadlines for applications to internships and many seasonal positions start early. If you wait until April to recruit these students, many of the top candidates will already have summer plans.

2. Ensure your staffing needs are met. Nothing is more anxiety producing than getting into May and realizing you don’t have the staffing to cover critical work during the summer, or that you have to accept fewer orders from clients. Having your workforce nailed in early provides peace of mind, and an idea of what your company can do this summer.

3. Allow for a strong interview process. Hiring at the last-minute for summer positions means you might end up rushing through phone interviews and hiring based on very little information. Starting early gives you or your staffing agency the time to thoroughly interview and vet candidates.

4. Get reliably available employees. One of the reasons finding reliable summer help can be difficult is that so many potential seasonal employees have summer commitments, whether it’s weddings, family reunions, or vacations. Hiring early allows you to lock staff into specific dates before they’ve committed to external obligations that impact their availability. If you wait, you may end up doing schedule shuffling with lots of seasonal employees who need time off.

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