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How to Know It’s Time to Outsource Staffing & Recruitment

May 27, 2019 | Staffing Blog

In the ideal HR world, your company would be able to successfully recruit talent and fill key roles with the perfect workers in perfect work conditions. But, we know that’s not the reality. In fact, your reality may be shifting away from internal recruitment and hiring to needing to outsource staffing and recruitment. Consider whether you fall into one of these categories of needing to alleviate an HR headache by utilizing external staffing support.

3 Categories of When to Outsource Staffing

Unexpected Rise in Turnover

One of the telltale signs that you may need assistance with staffing and recruitment is when you see a noticeable rise in turnover. Sometimes a rise in turnover just happens by coincidence when key employees experience life or career changes at one time.

Other times, an unexpected rise in turnover could be a sign that some talent is not the right fit in key roles. Or, there are issues with the company culture. Whether the issue is talent or company-sourced, you want to take action to correct a rise in turnover.

Outsourcing your staffing process to a team of hiring experts could be the right solution. It could be a short-term solution to stop the rise in unwanted turnover or turn into a long-term solution providing staffing support moving forward.

Dip in Productivity Attributed to Workforce Issues

When viewing internal KPIs tied to your human capital, you may notice a dip in productivity. At this point, it’s time to ask questions and think critically about why your workforce is not as productive as they once were.

Otherwise, you risk more unwanted turnover, as a dip in productivity is usually an indicator that talent could be checked out, frustrated, or overwhelmed by their work.

To help reverse this trend, you may consider outsourcing your recruiting and hiring for a period of time. Why? You should leave the hiring and recruiting to someone else while you focus your time and energy on addressing your current workforce. Also, you could bring in new talent from an outside source to breathe new life and energy into your workforce.

Transition in Leadership or Vision for the Business

Another sign that you may need to consider outsourcing your staffing process is when a new vision for the company is established or a new leadership team takes over the business.

For example, your company shifts from taking regular, steady work with fluctuating profit margins to pursuing a limited number of jobs with very specific, target profit margins. Instead of having a constant flow of work requiring a full-time staff in key areas, you may need to consider shifting to an as-needed or on-demand staffing approach.

Outsourcing the staffing and recruitment process to a staffing agency could help you fill roles when needed as the jobs come in.

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