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Seasonal Staffing: How to Stand Out in a Seasonal Position

February 20, 2017 | Career Blog

Seasonal and temporary workers are a growing portion of the US workforce. Working with companies who use seasonal staffing to fill gaps in their schedule is a great opportunity for young workers, career changes, and motivated employees to gain experience, supplement their income, and work toward a more permanent position.

Impressing your boss at a seasonal staffing position will net you a great reference, and sometimes even a permanent placement. At your seasonal job, these are three ways you can stand out to increase your odds:

1. Show you can learn quickly. Seasonal positions are short-term, so learning fast and doing a good job after a short training period are key to impressing your boss. During initial training, stay focused, ask questions, and get immediate help for anything that confuses you so that you can immediately jump into working after being taught.

2. Go above and beyond. Doing your assigned job well is a great start, but also look into ways you can do more than the seasonal assignment asked for. One way to stand out is to work faster and harder than your expected production volume. Another option is to ask your supervisors for other ways you can help out around the office, and do those.

3. Show a good attitude. What’s the company culture like at your temporary position? Do research and observe on the first day, and do your best to fit in. Whatever the culture is like, come to work with a smile and a positive attitude at the office. Let your bosses and colleagues know that you appreciate the opportunity you’re getting.

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