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3 Cities in Which the Need for Supply Chain Resources is Rising

March 9, 2021 | Staffing Blog

We have learned at least one thing for certain from the pandemic outbreak this year, supply chains need to be reorganized with worst-case scenario plans in mind. This means increasing the diversity of suppliers, domestic production, and back-up resources. There are many changes being made to strengthen systems and respond to demand increase. The way that supply chain leaders adjust during this time will play a major role in their sustainability. If you are responsible for keeping a supply chain afloat, make sure you are staying informed on how best to evolve. Keep reading for updates on the current state of the supply chain industry and ways that you can continue to learn about what’s to come.

Covid’s Impact on the Supply Chain

The coronavirus is still considered a major threat, keeping economies in an unusual and unpredictable holding pattern. However, some cities are having the opposite experience with opportunities to respond and thrive. As economies continue to adjust and restart, businesses within those regions will need to be able to supply their services quickly and efficiently. This means that business owners will have to rapidly make big decisions that will ensure continued customer satisfaction, client trust, and support of their employees.

Supply Chain Hubs on the Rise

A way that many supply chain business owners are continuing to evolve is by finding faster shipping solutions that are conveniently located and more affordable. Some cities hope to attract this attention and build up supply chain activity, while others have no choice in the matter. Shippers are attracted to ports, new roads, inland infrastructure, and large populations to ensure smooth and completed sales. Some example of cities where supply chain resources are rising are:

1. Las Vegas. Though known for its large gaming and hospitality culture, the manufacturing industry in Las Vegas is beginning to boom. The majority of Nevada’s 3 million residents live in the Southern Nevada region, which includes Las Vegas, Henderson and Clark County, Mesquite, Overton, and Boulder City. This region is not even a 24-hour drive away from five of the major U.S. ports that serve the Pacific Rim. As many companies are finding places to relocate, Nevada is one that is considered good ‘leverage’ to balance out the increase in the operating costs in other locations.

2. Cincinnati. With Amazon’s plans to open a new airline operation this year in Cincinnati, the city’s supply chain infrastructure is beginning to climb high. This project of Amazon’s includes a brand new ramp where aircrafts can park, parking lots of ground vehicles, a sortation building, and local roadway improvements. More and more small businesses are drawn to this location due to the growing industrial infrastructure, low cost of living, and appealing policies for small businesses.

3. Inland Port Greer. The South Carolina Port Authority has a shuttle that goes from Charleston to Greer with 24-hour operations and a reputation for its reliability. Shippers have become drawn to this way of transport because Greer allows ocean carriers seven days of free time, in comparison with railroads that provide 1 to 2. A vice president at the CBRE real estate firm stated that, “This is especially attractive in the region as it provides a low-cost platform from which empty containers can be sourced and returned loaded for export in the fastest possible turn time. To handle the growing number of ground containers going in and out of the region, the South Carolina Department of Transportation is investing in upgrading and widening the I-85 corridor and adding new ramps.”

Stay Updated on Supply Chain News

As a supply chain leader, the most dependable way to continue your success and growth is to stay informed on how others are continuing to thrive. There are many online resources available that continue to give updates on the most recent news and trends in the supply chain, including:

  • The University of Minnesota’s website has an entire section of research dedicated to COVID-19 issues and how the supply chain is being affected.
  • SuppyChainDigest is an online newsletter that provides news and additional commentary on the supply chain industry and management.
  • Allegiance Staffing is dedicated to keeping supply chain business owners informed on how to maintain a thriving employee base and adjust adequately as the pandemic continues to remain a threat.

We have been staffing the supply chain for over 20 years, and are experiencing first hand the changes that are occurring and the evolving needs of this industry. We are here to support you whether you just need advice or actual staffing help. For more articles like this and other tips on staffing your supply chain, check out our staffing blog here.