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Temp to Perm Jobs | They Do Exist!

November 2, 2020 | Career Blog

Temporary employment can be convenient if you need a more flexible schedule or are in a transitional period of life. However, those transitions eventually end and there may come a time when you need things to become permanent and more sustainable. Working temporary jobs for a time doesn’t mean you’re staying there forever — but sometimes it does if that is what both parties want! Many temporary positions do eventually transition to longer-term opportunities. So, don’t worry, there is a lot of possibility out there! Keep reading to learn more about temp to perms jobs and what you can do to transition to continuous full-time work.

Benefits of Starting with Temp Work

If you are considering doing temp work for a little bit, but unsure if it could hurt your potential for permanent work, worry no longer. There are a lot of benefits to being a temp that can help you plan your future career. Here are some examples:

It Gets You In the Door. A lot of employers have difficulty finding people who are the right fit for their company. Many even hire temporary workers to give them a try out of sorts. If you start in a company as a temp and they really like you, they won’t want to lose you. This is also nice for you because you will have the opportunity to try them out as well.

Expand Your Skill Set. Temporary jobs give you the opportunity to learn new skills and expand your hireability. The more skills you have on your resume, the more avenues you can explore for full-time work.

Test Career Paths. As you get placed in different temporary positions you can explore what types of jobs you truly enjoy. If you’re not sure what career path you want to follow this is a
great way to help you decide.

How to Turn Temp into Perm

If you are using a staffing agency for your temp work, make sure to communicate regularly with them so they understand your short and long-term goals. That way they can fully understand your aim and place you in jobs that have the most permanent potential. Once you are sure that you are done with temp work and ready to move onto perm, there are certain ways you can make yourself a more attractive permanent candidate. To encourage a company to bring you on full-time, incorporate this behavior into your work ethic:

Responsibility. Show your employers that you’re dependable by arriving to work on time, completing tasks in a timely fashion, and doing what you’re asked.

Do More Than Is Asked of You. Going that extra mile shows your supervisors that they don’t have to hold your hand and you could potentially grow within the company.

Spread Good Vibes. If you want to stick around, it’s important that your co-workers enjoy being around you. When people like you they are more likely to talk highly of you and give positive feedback if approached about you.

Express Your Interest. Don’t expect your employer to read your mind. Let them know, without being pushy, how much you enjoy working for them. And, if there is ever an opportunity, that you would love to stick around.

A Staffing Agency Will Help You Switch Gears

Staffing agencies are your best bet when it comes to finding temporary work. For example, at Allegiance Staffing, we have a whole collection of companies that are always looking for temps. Therefore, we can provide you with temp opportunities for as long as you want to keep things flexible and explore the world of jobs. We also know exactly what those companies are looking for. So, when the time comes that you want to switch gears and go from temp to perm, we can help you navigate that change.

Something to be aware of is that, if a company is interested in hiring you full-time, they will have to do it through the agency. The company pays the agency a fee to release you so you can start working directly for the company.

With over 20 years of experience in the staffing field, we have the true inside scoop. Set up a consultation today to learn more about how we can help you find the job you’re looking for, free of charge!